64" x 35" Freedom ADA Roll In Shower, LEFT

4 to 5 weeks manufacturing time
(Shower stall only)

64" x 35" Freedom ADA Roll In Shower, LEFT

4 to 5 weeks manufacturing time
Handed by Seat wall 3-Piece for Remodeling (60" x 32" ID)
Model: APF6037BF3PL
Made in America

US$2,059.00 Save 22% US$2,643.00

(Shower stall only)

Model: APF6037BF3PL
Made in America

4 to 5 weeks manufacturing time
4 to 5 weeks manufacturing time

Freedom Wheelchair Accessible ADA Roll in Showers comply with the ADA requirement of a minimum 60" x 30" inside dimension. Our 3-piece ADA Roll in Shower is the perfect model for remodeling or new construction applications.

ADA compliant showers have a 1¼” reinforced threshold, and a pre-leveled shower base. Install with ¾” finished flooring to meet the threshold requirement for ADA. Fiberglass ADA shower stalls have smooth walls, and are finished with a durable, easy-to-clean applied acrylic.

Freedom Showers are Stylish, Sturdy and Easy to Install

The shower walls are fully reinforced to provide structural strength for added accessories. Order with a factory installed folding shower seat and grab bars to meet ADAAG guidelines for an ADA compliant roll in shower. A great choice for completing commercial projects, Freedom Showers are easy to install and can be ordered with a complete accessory outfit, to simplify your project. Freedom roll in showers come with a 30 year manufacturer's warranty.


ADA Roll In Showers:

  • Outside Dimensions: 64”w x 35”d x 74 ½"h
  • ADA compliant inside dimension 60” x 32”
  • 3-piece for remodeling
  • 1 ¼” barrier free threshold
  • Handed by the LEFT seat side
  • Self-supporting and pre-leveled shower base eliminates mud setting
  • Smooth walls
  • Easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish
  • Textured slip-resistant floor
  • Full wall backing
  • 30 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Code Compliance:

  • ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities
  • ANSI A117.1 Accessible and Useable Buildings and Facilities
  • IPC International Plumbing Code
  • UPC Uniform Plumbing Code
  • ANSI Z124.2 Standards for Plastic Showers
  • Call for MAS compliance or other requirements
  • **For California see NOTE below

Available Accessories:

  • Folding Shower Seat (factory installed)
  • Grab Bars (factory installed)
  • Shower Rod (factory installed)
  • Weighted Curtain
  • Pressure Balance Mixing Valve and Hand-held Shower and Slide Bar (factory mounted)
  • Caulkless Drain
  • Surface mount soap dish (factory installed)
  • Collapsible Water Retainer


**Please note for CALIFORNIA: This ADA compliant roll-in shower does not meet the requirements for the slope of a shower floor in California Building Code Chapter 11A (4% or less in all directions) or Chapter 11B (2% or less in all directions).  Please confirm that this shower does not need to meet the requirements in Chapter 11A or 11B of the California Building Code before purchasing, as we cannot accept returns. See our trench/linear drain unit to meet the slope requirements.


Click here for California Prop 65 Warning


Product Specification (PDF) 18/03/2021 530.1KB
Installation (PDF) 01/08/2018 1.24MB
Care and Cleaning (PDF) 01/08/2018 810.38KB
CAD (dwg) 13/05/2020 297.16KB
Brochure (PDF) 01/08/2018 305.19KB
CAD (dwg) 13/05/2020 297.16KB
Brochure (PDF) 01/08/2018 305.19KB


Some Information About ADA Showers

Some Information About ADA Showers

Freedom ADA showers come in 2 styles. ADA transfer showers and ADA roll-in showers. Let Accessibility Professionals help you find the right shower for your commercial compliant shower project.