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We are committed to keeping our customers informed throughout the entire process of purchasing

Delivery Information

We are committed to keeping our customers informed throughout the entire process of purchasing a Freedom Shower or other product. Use this guide to prepare for receiving your delivery.

Important information regarding your shipment

Thank you for choosing Accessibility Professionals Inc. If you have any questions about your shipment or the delivery process that aren't answered on this page, please call a customer care specialist at 1-877-947-7769

Placing Your Order

All ship-to addresses need to be accessible for a full-sized (53-foot) tractor-trailer, meaning roads must be paved, have no low-hanging wires, and no narrow roads. Delivery cannot be made to a dead end or cul-de-sac, or small islands that require ferries, that impede access and egress. 

Note: Freight amounts are subject to change. Additional charges may apply for deliveries to areas with remote access, special requirements, or to areas outside of carriers' common routes. If additional charges apply you will notified and have the option to cancel the order or pay the additional charges to proceed with the order.

For Shower orders, you will be able to choose from one of the following selections:

Shipping with Liftgate:  Choose this option for residential curbside delivery to your home by a full-sized tractor-trailer, or for business addresses that don't have a loading dock or forklift on site. 


Shipping to Commercial loading dock: Shipping to a business in a commercially zoned area. Lot has a receiving area, raised loading dock or forklift onsite, and room for a tractor trailer to turn around easily.

For Shower Pan orders you will be able to choose from one of he following selections:

Shipping to Residential curbside - Choose this option for curbside delivery to your home by a full-sized tractor-trailer. Pans are not delivered with Liftgate service.  


Shipping to Commercial loading dock: Shipping to a business in a commercially zoned area. The lot has room for a tractor-trailer to turn around easily. No liftgate is provided for pan deliveries.


Curbside delivery for residential deliveries means that the truck will get as close as possible to your driveway and will lower the freight down from the truck on the lift gate, or by hand (for pans) Customers are responsible for moving the pallet or packages from the truck’s liftgate into your home or garage.

It is not the driver’s responsibility to unload, move, or assemble the shipment. Please arrange to have help onsite to move the shipment from the curbside to a secure location.

The following locations do not qualify for commercial shipping. Choose residential/with Liftgate instead for:

  • A business run out of your home
  • Farms
  • Apartment buildings
  • Senior living facilities
  • Churches
  • Schools

NOTE: The freight companies that are contracted to make deliveries for us each have their own policies and regulations that we must honor. Unlike parcel delivery companies (FedEx, UPS, etc.), common freight carriers only provide dock-to-dock service or curbside delivery where the driver does not touch the freight.

Shipping and Delivery Process

  • Once your order for a Freedom Shower or other product has been placed with us and payment has been received, orders are sent to the plant to begin processing. Some products require a submittal form signed before production can begin (typically showers with factory-installed accessories and handed features). Click here for more information on LEAD TIMES.
  • Before packaging, your Freedom Shower or pan is factory tested for quality. Then it is packaged, crated onto a pallet if necessary, and shipped via the freight carrier chosen by the factory.
  • Once your order has shipped, our sales office will receive tracking information and forward those details to the contact person you have listed on your order, usually via email.
  • You can use the tracking information to contact the freight carrier directly to find out delivery dates and arrange for someone to be onsite to receive the shipment. You should continue to track your shipment or call the freight carrier for updates in case of changes en route.
  • Shower and bath seats, grab bars, and other accessories will usually ship by a courier service like FedEx, ground shipping, and will require a signature. You can track these shipments online once we have emailed you the tracking details.


Freedom Showers and Pans and T series showers ship from various factories, throughout the USA including Tennessee, Virginia, and California.

Transportation times vary depending on travel distance, weather conditions, or freight company routes.

Please be advised that delivery delays may occur that are beyond the control of the shipper/seller. We cannot be held responsible for delays due to accidents, strikes, riots, labor stoppage, climatic conditions, unavoidable casualties, or other causes interfering, obstructing or blocking the usual routes of transportation.

NOTE: At this time we are unable to offer expedited shipping options.


  • Make sure an able-bodied person will be available to inspect and sign for the delivery as it arrives, and to move it from the liftgate or curbside to a safe location.
  • Carefully inspect the outside of the carton(s) for any damage before signing delivery documents
  • Have your Sales Order confirmation on hand to verify that what is being received is what you are expecting. Check the labels on the boxes to make sure the model number matches what you’ve ordered. Our phone number is on the Order Confirmation and you can call us before signing for your shipment if you are uncertain about anything.
  • If packaging looks damaged, you should also carefully inspect all merchandise for freight damage.Take photos of the visible damaged packaging. 

multi piece shower arrives in crate

Your Freedom Multi-piece Showers should arrive to you looking something like this

easy step shower arrives in a crate

A Freedom Easy Step 3 Piece Unit will arrive to you like this

A Freedom Shower Pan will arrive to you vertical on a crate

A Freedom Shower Pan will arrive to you
vertical on a crate


Products are inspected and in excellent condition when they leave the shipping dock. Any damage to products en route is the responsibility of the freight carrier.

In order for the shipper to make a claim for damaged shipments, and therefore get quick replacement units sent out to you, we ask that you follow these instructions.

  • Customers must inspect the shipment upon delivery, prior to signing delivery documents.
  • Product found to be obviously DAMAGED UPON INSPECTION MUST BE REFUSED and not received from the carrier. Write “refused” on the delivery receipt. Contact Accessibility Professionals right away. 
  • If packing looks damaged but you cannot see damage on the product, we recommend noting the damaged packing on the Bill of Lading when you sign for it and writing “Received Subject to Inspection.”
  • If the driver doesn’t provide the time needed to properly inspect the shipment, we recommend signing the Bill of Lading with a comment “Received Subject to Inspection,” even if everything looks okay.
  • Take a photo of any damages found to the product or packaging.  In any of the above cases, we request that you take photos of the shipment as you are receiving. An overall photo of the shipment on the crate, before you’ve unloaded or unpacked anything, as well as a close up of any areas of concern.
  • The receiver must notify the purchaser or contact Accessibility Professionals Inc.’s Customer Service at 1-877-947-7769 to report a refused shipment. Please let us know as quickly as possible, so we can get a new unit shipped to you. Please have your customer number (found on quotes, receipts, and invoices) when you contact us for the quickest service.
  • Claims for shortages or incorrect shipments must be noted on the bill of lading with the driver upon delivery and filed with our customer service department within 48 hours of receipt. Claims after 48 hours might not be honored.
  • Once you have received & signed for your shipment, please fully unpack/open packages to inspect your products. Make sure you have received the correct product(s) and that there are no issues.
  • If, upon opening your packages and inspecting the unit, you discover concealed damages, please take photos of the affected area, both close up and wider shots to show the location of the damage. Submit photos and your notes to your Customer Service Rep at Accessibility Professionals. They will have the warranty department view images and determine if the unit can be repaired or needs to replaced. DO NOT INSTALL DAMAGED UNITS, unless you have received the go-ahead from Accessibility Professionals. Review warranty terms here. https://www.freedomshowers.com/terms-conditions

The delivery process is the same for any replacement shipments as well.

Call 1-877-947-7769 or email us at [email protected] to REPORT ALL ISSUES TO ACCESSIBILITY PROFESSIONALS as soon as possible.

(Please read our Terms and Conditions, and/or the receiving notes on your receipt or quote for official delivery responsibilities and conditions.)



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