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Commercial Projects

Accessibility Professionals offers a wide range of accessible bathing solutions for commercial and large scale projects. Thousands of Freedom Showers™ have been installed in Healthcare and Assisted Living facilities and also depended upon by Housing Authorities and Student Dormitories. Freedom Showers are Made in the USA to comply with the Made in America Act. Read more...

Commercial building projects for accessibility

Information for Architects, Assisted Living, Commercial Builders

Accessibility Professionals offers you assistance in designing your bathrooms to meet standards for accessibility.   Freedom ADA Showers are a complete line of roll in and transfer showers that meet ADAAG bathroom accessibility and safety guidelines for commercial facilities.  

These ADA bathroom solutions adhere to national, state and regional standards for shower sizes, clearances, shower seats, grab bars, hand-held showerhead, and valve controls. We stand behind the quality and durability of our products.  Backed by a 30 year warranty, our showers are built for the demands of commercial settings.  

Freedom Showers are available in one-piece configurations for new construction as well as multi-piece models for remodelling. Freedom Showers offer industry leading wheelchair accessible showers meeting these important High Performance Adaptability Standards: Meet  federal and state accessibility guidelines and standards for accessible design showers and accessories including:

  • ADAAG. Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
  • ANSI, MAS, TAS, CA Title 24
  • UFAS 4.21
Freedom Shower Features:
  • Full wall reinforcement  to provide unlimited addition of future accessories precisely where they are needed.
  • Pre-levelled, barrier free shower thresholds  that do not require recessing, mudsetting or ramping.
  • Ensuring professional and time-saving installation.
  • Steel reinforced shower thresholds designed to take wheelchair traffic
  • Flexibility of accessory packages offering shower seats, grab bars, handheld showers, etc.
  • Wall panels designed for contractor friendly front side installation saves time
  • High performance water management accessories   (weighted curtains, collapsible dams designed for showers)
  • 30 Year Warranty



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