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Our Customer Care Specialists are knowledgeable, friendly employees of Accessibility Professionals, located in North America. We take pride in our customer service being our best asset. If you have any questions about our accessible bathroom products, call us at our toll-free number, or fill in this contact form, so we can help answer any questions you might have, and make sure you are getting exactly what you need.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • A: We are a factory direct company, which means when you order with us, your product is manufactured and shipped directly to you. We do not have physical store fronts or showrooms.

  • A: No. We supply the products and have them shipped directly to you. You can source local skilled contractors, plumbers, or handy persons. Many of our products can be installed by competent DIYers. Installation information can be found here.

  • A: In the USA, an ADA compliant shower is required in public or commercial building. The ADA code is specific about inside dimension sizes and placement of accessories. In a private residence, you likely don’t need to be ADA compliant, and could instead choose from our size selection of Accessible Showers, which still have the low roll in threshold. For more detailed information click here

  • A: Installing a roll in shower is a great solution to aging in place and independent living, but customers are often concerned with how to stop water running out of a walk in shower. We suggest two optional accessories to help keep your bathroom floor dry. A collapsible water retainer is a flexible strip that is installed along the threshold, to add 1 inch of height. The water dam will squish down when you roll over or step on it.

    We also recommend a heavy duty weighted shower curtain that won’t float outside of the shower threshold. The weighted curtain and collapsible water retainer combined provide the best solution to keep water in a shower stall that has a low curb or zero entry.


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