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Accessible Shower Pans

Upgrade your bathroom with a Freedom Accessible Shower Pan. Enjoy a safe and comfortable bathing area for the whole family. With a barrier-free shower base, wheelchair users and seniors can easily access. Experience a roll-in shower pan today. Read more...

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Replace Your Tub With a Barrier-Free Shower Base

When designing your accessible bathroom, start with a barrier-free shower base for handicapped accessibility. Pre-leveled shower pans are easy and quick to install, spend less time renovating and enjoy your shower sooner. Combine one of our Freedom Accessible shower pans with custom wall tiles and accessories to create a stylish oasis for the whole family.

Whether you are replacing a bathtub, building an add-on bathroom, or converting a standard shower, installing a handicapped accessible shower base is an affordable way to transform your home to accommodate aging or mobility disabled family members. Handicapped accessible shower bases have a zero threshold, so there are no barriers for someone entering the shower. Strategically placed grab bars and a folding shower seat help create the safest, most luxurious shower in the industry.

Freedom fiberglass accessible shower pans have a slip resistant coating and come with a 30 year warranty. Color upgrades are available for a truly personalized product.

We also offer a line of Acrylic low profile shower pans which are available in a wide selection of colors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The Freedom Accessible Shower Pans have a barrier free design, which means that there is an ultra-low threshold at the entrance of the shower pan.

    The barrier free entrance allows you to roll into the shower with your wheelchair or walker, or step directly into the unit.

  • The accessible shower base is sloped towards the drain, but we do recommend adding our collapsible water dam to the threshold, combined with a weighted shower curtain to keep the water from splashing out of the shower.

  • Made with a neoprene rubber, the water dam adheres to the threshold of the shower with a double-sided adhesive strip. The dam is approximately 1” high. This helps keep water from seeping over the barrier free threshold, but more importantly gives the weighted shower curtain something to sit behind so it doesn’t float out over the bathroom floor.

    The collapsible water retainer squishes down when you step on it or roll over it, then immediately pops back up once you’re in the shower to create an effective water barrier.

  • Freedom Shower products have been tested under ANSI standards and will meet or exceed requirements up to 500 pounds.

    The pans are designed to accommodate an adult in a roll in shower chair and potentially a caregiver stepping partially into the shower to assist.

    We do recommend only using rolling chairs with larger casters so you don’t add too much pressure on one spot in the pan.

  • Yes, install the Freedom Accessible Shower pan with a rapid cure thinset as the adhesive for radiant heated subfloor. Follow manufacturers' instructions.

  • Freedom Showers and bases have a 30-Year manufacturers warranty on defects. For more warranty details click here.

  • Accessible or barrier free shower pans are designed to provide the easiest and safest access to the shower. In our experience, adding a door interferes with the accessibility of the shower, so we recommend using a weighted curtain instead. 

    You cannot install a sliding door track into the threshold of the accessible shower pans without voiding the warranty. We do have an accessory called a semi-permanent threshold, that could be added to the shower pan. This provides a small curb that you can install a door track onto if you prefer.

    This is a good solution for long term planning, as you could later remove the door and semi-permanent threshold when you need to convert it back to an accessible shower pan.

    The other option is to install an Easy Step Shower pan that has the molded curb already, and you can install a door track onto that.

  • Freedom Inspire Shower pans do come with a drain assembly, with a square, chrome plate.

    Claissic Freedom Shower pans DO NOT come with a drain, but you can add the 2” caulkless brass drain and strainer as an optional accessory so it ships with the shower pan.

    The acrylic shower bases (model # starting with APA) do come with a drain.

  • DO NOT USE abrasive cleaners (like Soft Scrub) or scrubbers, as this will dull or scratch the glossy acrylic finish. 

    Use warm soapy water. Dishwashing liquids are the safest products to use with a soft sponge or cloth.