Freedom INSPIRE Accessible Shower Pan 60" x 32", LEFT drain

Up to 2 weeks manufacturing time
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Freedom INSPIRE Accessible Shower Pan 60" x 32", LEFT drain

Up to 2 weeks manufacturing time
Model: APX6032BFPL
Made in America

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Model: APX6032BFPL
Made in America

Up to 2 weeks manufacturing time
Up to 2 weeks manufacturing time

Freedom Inspire Shower Pans for Tub-to-Shower conversions

Inspiring you to live your best life.

A fresh new design of our classic accessibility solutions, the 60” x 32” accessible shower pan replaces a bathtub for easy tub-to-shower conversion projects. Remodel your residential bathroom with easy-to-handle accessible shower pan with an end drain configurations to limit the need to move plumbing. Freedom Shower pans will go with the tile you choose to complete your bathroom.

Minimize the construction time with pre-sloped reinforced shower pans designed to install easily on your existing sub-floor without recessing. The accessible 7/8" beveled threshold and slip resistant textured floor makes bathing safer.

Freedom Inspire shower pans have a limited lifetime warranty to make your choice that much easier. Contact us for more information on our newest line of showers and pans to join the Freedom family. 


Tub to Shower Conversion Shower Pan:

  • Outside Dimensions: 60”W x 32”D x 6"H
  • Interior Dimensions: 57"W x 26 5/8"D clear floor space
  • Left hand drain for tub to shower conversion remodeling
  • NOT ADA COMPLIANT (See ADA model here)
  • 7/8" beveled threshold for wheelchair access
  • Underside of pan is smooth, and pre-leveled, shower pan for simple installation
  • Easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish
  • Drain included, square plate, chrome finish, no caulk
  • Textured slip-resistant floor
  • Works with all wall materials and finishes
  • Consistant nailing flange
  • Accepts conventional shower doors
  • Possible one-day installation
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Code Compliance:

  • IPC International Plumbing Code
  • UPC Uniform Plumbing Code
  • ANSI Z124.2 Standards for Plastic Showers
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association)

Available Accessories:

  • Collapsible water retainer with end caps
  • Folding shower seat
  • Straight grab bars
  • Shower rod
  • Weighted shower curtain
  • Pressure balance mixing valve
  • Hand-held shower and slide bar or upgrade hand held


  • Water Retention Package with a Collapsible Water Retainer, Curtain Rod and Weight Shower Curtain
  • Residential Safety Package with 3 x Grab Bars, and a Folding Shower Seat (choose padded, or slatted)
  • Mixing Valve and Handheld Shower Package


Click here for California Prop 65 Warning


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Introducing Freedom Inspire Showers

Introducing Freedom Inspire Showers

Welcome to Freedom INSPIRE showers, our newest collection of accessible showers and pans to meet the growing need for safe bathing as you age in place. 

Freedom Inspire Shower Installation

Freedom Inspire Shower Installation

Installation video for the Freedom Shower INSPIRE Series will help you create an accessible bathroom for long term living at home.