ANSI TYPE B Showers and Pans

Freedom ANSI B Showers and Pans for HUD and FHA
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For HUD, FHA, ANSI Type B Compliant Bathroom Projects

Freedom ANSI B Showers and Pans are available for Dwelling Units and Sleeping units. Fully reinforced shower walls allows for the later addition of  grab bars and/or a shower seat, meeting Fair Housing Act Regulations, 24 CFR 100.205.

 A variety of grab bars, including wall mounted folding toilet grab bars, offer functional and attractive solutions for bathroom accessibiliity. Freedom Showers offer HUD and FHA compliant shower sizes backed with a 30 year manufacturer's warranty.

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) Design Manual states: ...covered multifamily dwellings with a building entrance on an accessible route shall be designed and constructed in such a manner that all premises within covered multifamily dwelling units contain usable ...bathrooms such that an individual in a wheelchair can maneuver about the space. (Fair Housing Act Regulations, 24 CFR 100.205)


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