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60" x 38" Freedom ANSI B Shower Pan


60" x 38" Freedom ANSI B Shower Pan

  • build 4" Threshold
  • time 2-3 weeks manufacturing time
  • america Made in America

ANSI Type B Shower Pan for HUD Fair Housing Projects

Freedom ANSI Type B shower pans are made of fiberglass, with a durable, easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish. The recessed receiver flanges at the front allow for the required clear floor space in front of the shower. The shower base features a slip-resistant, textured floor, and a 4” easy-step threshold to create safe access.

Combine the ANSI Type B shower pan with custom  tiled walls and your required accessories to create a safe and beautiful shower for usable bathrooms. 

This Freedom Shower pan is easy to install and is backed by a 30 year warranty on manufacturing defects. This ANSI Type B shower pan is a popular choice for student residences and Fair Housing FHA installation projects.

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