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Wheelchair Accessible Showers

Transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort with our barrier-free, roll-in showers. Trust our experts to find the perfect handicap shower that celebrates your freedom without compromising on style for safety. Read more or Discover our Best Seller

Woman in a Roll in Accessible Shower stall in her home with a Barrier Free threshold

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30 Year Warranty on Roll-In Showers 

At Accessibility Professionals our vision is to create simple, safe, and independent bathing for everyone. Check out our leading Freedom Showers™ product line to help make independence a reality. Bathing is an activity we take for granted. Most of us don't think twice about hopping in the shower in the morning, but according to the CDC (2016), over 61 million American adults are living with at least one disability. 

Freedom Showers have been transforming homes for over a decade

Bathing is a fundamental need. An accessible shower makes independent bathing possible for elderly or aging  bathers, or people with a disability. Getting in and out of conventional tubs and showers can be a struggle, even dangerous. Our handicapped accessible shower stalls are the solution. Whether you are replacing an existing tub, or building a new home or add-on, we have an accessible shower solution for your project and mobility needs.

  • Roll-in showers help reduce bathroom falls and maximize independence without sacrificing style.
  • Freedom Showers are barrier-free, so you or your loved one can enter and exit the shower safely. 
  • Accessible shower stalls have a low threshold, so you can roll a wheelchair over the shower threshold.

Barrier-Free Showers for Remodelling and New Construction

Most bathrooms aren't properly designed for wheelchairs, with a roll-in barrier-free shower, wheelchairs and shower chairs can easily enter the shower stall. Independence and comfort are just a shower away. Freedom Showers offers hundreds of walk-in shower designs and ideas. Many of our low-threshold shower kits can include a shower chair or bench, grab bars, and other shower accessories.

If you are a caregiver, Freedom handicapped accessible shower stalls can help transform your home so you can offer the best care to your elderly parent, or family members living with a disability. When you add a wheelchair-accessible shower with a barrier-free threshold to your home, aging-in-place becomes a reality.

Freedom Easy Access showers are available in stylish multi-piece models and are engineered for remodeling existing bathrooms. If you are replacing a bathtub we offer replacement models in 60" or 54" shower lengths, featuring a left- or right-hand drain location to fit where your existing tub is today. We also offer a variety of one-piece shower stalls for new construction projects. Freedom accessible handicapped showers have a pre-leveled, reinforced shower base, saving installation time and ensuring water tightness.

Our easy access Freedom Showers have a 30-year warranty and a slip-resistant textured floor. Each accessible shower has full reinforced backing for easy installation of shower accessories, including grab bars, and folding shower chairs or benches that make your shower stall safe for independent and assisted bathing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Accessible showers are designed with a barrier free entrance, so they are wheelchair accessible. They usually have a maximum 1 inch high threshold that is user friendly for anyone. There are other design components as well, like the option to add a folding shower seat, grab bars, and a height adjustable shower head.

  • Barrier free means it is a curbless shower, or it has a very low threshold at the entrance of the shower so you can roll in with your wheelchair or step directly into the shower unit.

  • To replace a bathtub with a roll in accessible shower, which is the most common renovation project that roll in showers are used in, a bare INSPIRE Accessible Shower 60" x 33"  shower would cost $3,148.00 plus taxes. 

    To add a full accessory package and residential shipping please contact us for a full project cost ( shower options can vary in price).  

    This does not include any installation costs which would be determined by the contractor that you hire.

  • The accessible showers have a pan that is sloped towards the drain, but we recommend adding our Water Rentention Package to keep the water from splashing out of the shower.

    It's also important to have a low flow mixing valve. 1.5 GPM 45PSI is recommended, such as the Symmons pressure balanced mixing valve.

  • Freedom Showers are designed to accommodate a person entering the shower with a wheelchair or rolling shower commode chair. The pan has a weight capacity of 500lbs. We do recommend only using rolling chairs with larger casters so you don’t add too much pressure on one spot in the pan.

  • Warm Soapy Water-Dishwashing liquids are the safest products to use.  Abrasive cleaners (this would include Soft Scrub) should never be used on Acrylic finishes.

  • Freedom Showers have a 30-Year limited warranty on manufacturing defects.

  • Our INSPIRE shower and pan models can accomodate shower doors, please contact us for additonal information. 

    You cannot install a sliding door track onto the shower base in our APF models, as drilling down into the pan would void the warranty. You could, instead install side mounted swing doors. However, we advise against installing doors on a barrier free shower, as it makes them less accessible.

    However, many of our customers are thinking long term, and don’t necessarily need a roll in shower now. You can add a semi-permanent threshold adaptor to a barrier free shower, and install a door into that. Then later, if you need more accessibility, you can remove the door and threshold.

  • Most Accessible shower pans come with a left, right or center drain option to match your existing drain location. The product specifications will indicate the exact location of the drain on each model.

  • You can ask a CSR to look for one of our Preferred Partners, who are contractors that have purchased Freedom Showers from us recently and are familiar with the installation. However, we recommend searching for a CAPS (certified ageing in place specialist) certified installer on the NAHB.org site. National Association of Home Builders to find a local contractor in your area, as we are a factory direct company.

  • ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act which sets forth certain requirements for Commercial and public buildings. ADA compliant showers have the same low, roll in threshold as accessible showers, but they are also designed to meet other stringent requirements.

    For private residential homes, you can likely choose from Accessible showers, which are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet a wider range of needs for home renovations.

    Accessible showers are more likely to be multi-piece units to accommodate a renovation, and you can choose where to install accessories for your individual preference.