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54" x 36⅞" Freedom Accessible Shower, Right Drain

Model: APF5436BF5PR
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54" x 36⅞" Freedom Accessible Shower, Right Drain

Model: APF5436BF5PR

Shower stall only

  • build 5-Piece for Remodeling
  • time Up to 2 weeks manufacturing time
  • america Made in America

Shower stall only

Experience True Barrier-Free Bathing With Freedom Showers

Freedom Accessible Showers provide everything you need for a safe and comfortable bathing experience. Our five-piece handicap shower is designed for bathtub replacements in areas smaller than the standard bath/shower space (i.e. mobile homes and garden tubs), but is deeper than our 51" x 31" model, for extra bathing room. For standard bath/shower spaces see our 60" x 31" model.

Available with either a right or left hand drain location to minimize your plumbing requirements, our Freedom barrier-free shower stalls have a low 1” beveled threshold as well as a reinforced and pre-leveled shower base. Zero threshold showers improve the safety in your bathroom, reducing the risk of falls and maximizing independence.

Shower wall panels have full wood backing throughout, offering strength and easy installation of accessories. This fiberglass shower features a durable, easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish with an 8” tile pattern. Our customers are always impressed that their accessible shower can look so luxurious and modern with added safety benefits.

For peace of mind, Freedom barrier-free showers come with a 30-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

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