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Lead Times - what you need to know so you can plan your project

Lead Times

Estimated manufacturing times

At Accessibility Professionals, we do our best to get orders shipped as quickly as possible. There are different expected lead times for the range of product lines. Once your order has been confirmed by a customer care specialist and payment has been received, orders are submitted to the factory to begin processing.

Lead times listed on each product page are for the manufacturing process only and do not include the shipping time.

In Stock

Some items are in stock and will ship quickly.

We cannot guarantee when the in-stock orders will ship from the factory. It could take up to 3 business days.

Stock levels can change without notice. We try to update our inventory levels. Occasionally, orders can be back-ordered while stock levels are replenished. You will be contacted if the items that you ordered are back-ordered.

Lead times and Manufacturing Process

Lead times are listed on the individual product pages online, but production times can vary. Most products are manufactured once an order is placed. We do not keep any showers or pans in stock.

Production of your unit should begin within one business day of placing the order, or once a signed submittal is received, if applicable.

Once the shower unit is manufactured and cured, ordered accessories are factory installed in the approved locations. Each unit goes through a quality check process. Then, loose accessories are picked, and all parts and components are packaged, labeled, and crated to be picked up by the freight carrier.

Once your order has left the factory, we will receive tracking information and forward those details to you.

What can affect lead times?

Manufacturing times vary and may be affected by the following factors:

Time of day

If your order is completed first thing in the morning, quite often production can begin that same day. However, if your order is placed after 11 am, production will not begin until the following business day.

Submittal Forms

For products that require a submittal form signed, we cannot begin production until that form is returned to us. The sooner it is returned, the sooner we begin production. If you haven’t received a submittal form from us within 1 day of placing your order, contact us immediately. Also, please confirm that we have received your signed submittal once you send it back to us.

Supply shortages

Unexpected supply issues occasionally come up. We try to have the most up-to-date lead times posted, but we may not be made aware of issues until an order is already placed. We will update customers if the products they’ve ordered are on an unexpected backorder.

Added Options and upgrades

Added accessories or custom requests will add to the lead time. When available, color options will affect the lead time and depend on the availability of the color you have chosen. 


If you order 2 or more units, expect the manufacturing time to increase. The actual lead time will depend on the number of units ordered.

Quality checks

On rare occasions, if the manufactured product reaches quality control and a major defect is found, they may need to start production over. We work hard to make sure these instances are minimal and try not to let them affect lead times. We will do our best to notify you if your expected lead time changes by more than a few days.

Factory production schedules

Occasionally, something unforeseen can affect the factory production. For example, if there are weather events in the area of our factories (tornados, winter storms, etc.), this could stall production.

Other Unforeseen factors

We can’t always know what may affect lead times. We work hard to keep to the schedules and to notify customers when their orders may be delayed.

Once orders leave the factory, we send our customers the tracking information. For more details on delivery information

*PLEASE NOTE: We cannot expedite manufacturing times or arrange expedited shipping. If you are arranging your own shipping method and have chosen expedited shipping, remember that only applies to the transportation time, and does not guarantee when the order will leave the factory.



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