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Bathtub Replacement Showers for Easy Installation

We know your projects depend on keeping costs reasonable and the importance of timelines, without sacrificing quality and style.

Whether you need a large volume of shower units at once for a new build or addition, or if you are updating rooms as new residents move in, our dedicated team of customer service representatives, will work with you to provide the best solutions and expertise. We take the hassle out of selecting the units you need, while providing the value you want.

Freedom Showers demonstrate sensitivity to accessibility performance standards, and are designed specifically for wheelchair accessibility and adaptability.

With a 30-year warranty and wide range of options, we provide the best quality and value in our market.

  • ADAAG. Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
  • ANSI, MAS, TAS, CA Title 24
  • Full wall reinforcement to provide unlimited addition of future accessories precisely where they are needed.
  • Pre-levelled, barrier free shower threshold that do not require recessing, mud-setting or ramping. Ensuring professional and time-saving installation.
  • Steel reinforced shower thresholds designed to take wheelchair traffic
  • Flexibility of accessory packages offering shower seats, grab bars, handheld showers, etc.
  • Wall panels designed for contractor friendly front side installation saves time
  • High performance water management accessories (weighted curtains, collapsible dams designed for showers)
  • 30 Year Warranty

Our Freedom Accessible Showers are installed in numerous small, medium and large scale senior living facilities across the United States and Canada.


Freedom bathtub replacement models are most popular choice for Senior Living

Tub replacement models are available with an end drain to match existing drain locations. The barrier-free Freedom Showers are installed right on the subfloor, requiring no recess or mud-setting. The multi-piece units make remodelling easy and fast, and the reinforced walls make adding accessories simple. With the rapidly growing demand for better and safer bathing options we offer the widest range of quality products that people love to use and contractors love to install.

Below are a few of the most popular shower units that have been installed in senior living and assisted living facilities across the United States and Canada. Browse our Accessible Showers and Easy Step Shower pages for more selection, or call us with your needs.

An accessible bathroom helps to bring dignity, independence and quality of life to residents in Assisted Living Communities.

Designed for longevity, Freedom Showers offer the most efficient bathtub to barrier free shower conversion available. A Freedom Accessible Shower offers maximum flexibility, as it can be easily converted to an easy step, low-curb shower by adding a semi-permanent threshold. The shower can be easily converted back to a barrier free unit if needed, by simply removing the semi-permanent threshold. 

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Planning a commercial or large scale project? Call our expert customer service team. They are standing by to answer your questions and help you choose from our high-quality, customizable options in ADA compliant and accessible bathrooms.

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