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Freedom Showers for state medicaid waiver programs
State Waiver Programs

Cover Cost of Freedom Bathtub Replacement Showers

Most states offer Medicaid waiver programs that cover home modifications to enable elderly and / or disabled individuals to remain living in at home. Medicaid waivers are one of the options available to states to allow the provision of long term care services in home and community based settings under the Medicaid Program (HCBS Waiver program). Programs can provide a combination of standard medical services and non-medical services.

Typical State Waiver Programs offer accessible home modifications to provide clients with an accessible home environment,  Typically this involves bathroom accessibility, door widening, and ramps and/or lifts for home access.Freedom Showers have been installed across the United States via Waiver Programs which assist in diverting and/or transitioning individuals from institutional settings into their homes and community.

For more tips on how to get funding to help modify your home for accessibility, visit this link: https://www.payingforseniorcare.com/home-modifications/how-to-pay-for-home-mods.html


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