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Many people are choosing to stay in their home instead of moving to an assisted care or retirement facility, our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive information to make it possible for you to age in place. Our mission is simple, to enhance the lives of our readers.

No matter your age, disability, or other life circumstance, it’s our aim to give you the independence to live life on your terms and bask in the happiness that comes with that.

– The Freedom Team

Should You Tackle Plumbing Jobs Yourself or Call a Pro?

Should You Tackle Plumbing Jobs Yourself or Call a Pro?

  If you’ve ever experienced even a minor plumbing issue, you know about the importance of plumbing. When the bathtub clogs up, or a pipe bursts, you feel the impact immediately. While it may be tempting to try some DIY plumbing to save money, it's not always...

COVID-19 Scams that might be Targeting Seniors

COVID-19 Scams that might be Targeting Seniors

  During challenging times, there are always people stepping up to help. Unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of others. Seniors are often targeted in these scams, and COVID-19 has opened the door to a variety of new...

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Experience safe, independent bathing with our selection of walk-in & roll-in showers, ADA grab bars, shower benches, pans, and accessories. Enjoy your independence with a Freedom Accessible Bathroom.

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Transform your home with Freedom Lifts. Find residential and commercial vertical platform lifts, wheelchair accessible kitchen lifts, ADA desk and pool lifts and more. Celebrate your independence with a Freedom Porch Lifts

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Our expanded line of luxurious bathtubs offers a relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience for anyone. Freedom Bathtubs are the perfect solution for independent and safe bathing.

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