Senior Safety

At Accessibility Professionals we want to help improve Senior safety in many ways. We specialize in helping to create safe homes. The most dangerous room in the house is the bathroom. We recommend replacing a bathtub with an easy-access shower. Add a folding, wall mounted shower seat and safety bars to prevent falls. Preventing falls keeps seniors out of long term care.

Other products like portable showers can help for temporary situations too.

We also provide information on avoiding scams that target seniors, and how to find legitimate funding for home renovations. Follow Freedom Blog for more tips and product features to help keep seniors safe.

Common Bathroom Hazards for Seniors & How to Avoid Them

Common Bathroom Hazards for Seniors & How to Avoid Them

The bathroom can be scary for seniors, especially if they have balance issues or mobility challenges. Many bathroom hazards, such as slippery floors, low lighting, and hard-to-reach fixtures, can all contribute to accidents and injuries. A qualitative study on the...