Recovering from surgery, injury, or illness at home can pose some challenges if your home doesn’t have the appropriate layout. Before sending patients home, health professionals want to know how you’ll bathe safety and want you to avoid stairs. Many homes don’t have accessible bathrooms and much of the home is upstairs, out of reach for someone in recovery. A Temporary Fold-Away Shower is a great solution for temporary situations that require safe bathing.

Portable handicap-accessible showers can be set up by anyone, anywhere within 15 feet of a faucet. This means that at-home recovery is possible even when the home’s design might not make this easy. Here are several ways that a temporary fold-away shower can help your recovery after a surgery, injury, or major illness.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathing in Every Home

Most homes do not have a wheelchair-accessible shower. While accessible bathroom design is in style right now, most homes have only tubs and small or curbed shower stalls. This can mean that a resident recovering from surgery or illness may not be able to reach the bathing facilities safely while they are not strong enough to get around.

A temporary fold-away shower is barrier free so you can create a wheelchair-accessible shower stall anywhere. Not only is this useful for patients in wheelchairs, but also for patients who need assistance for mobility. Either roll into the shower in your water proof wheelchair, or transfer to a safe waterproof seat inside the shower.

First Floor Shower in Homes Without

Two-story homes often place the full bathrooms on the second floor, kept private from guests. There might be a downstairs powder room, but not a bath. Doctors will suggest how to prepare for your at home recovery. MedlinePlus recommends having a bathroom or a portable commode on the same floor where you will spend most of your day. For someone recovering from injury or surgery, stairs are often not an option. It’s common to set up a bed or use the couch during this time, but impossible to use stairs.

A temporary fold-away shower allows you to add bathing facilities downstairs where it’s safe for the patient. A temporary shower stall allows patients to enjoy personal cleanliness without taxing themselves or installing a chair lift.

Set Up Close for Quick Bed-to-Shower Transitions

Temporary showers have the added advantage of being located almost anywhere that you need them. With a 15-foot hose, you can place the temporary shower close to the at-home hospital bed. This makes it simple and easy for a caregiver to help their patient transition from the bed or chair into the shower and back again. Save time and trouble by strategically reducing the space a patient has to move to maintain personal cleanliness.

Ideal for Assisted Showering

Sometimes, recovering patients need assistance while bathing, from a health care aide, or a family member. Temporary fold-away showers are available in different sizes and most are low enough in height that someone can reach into the shower to assist. There is a handheld shower kit with an on/off button to control water flow.

Showering for Comfort and Healing

Some conditions require or benefit from frequent showering. A temporary shower allows you to shower as often as you need while recovering without risk of falling.  In cases where a patient is recovering alone or privately with help, they can even spend extended time in a conveniently placed temporary shower, when recovery calls for this as part of the healing treatment.

Easy to Set Up and Put Away

When the shower is over, you can reclaim that floor space in your home by putting the fold-away temporary shower away. Even if you set up the shower for the duration of your recovery, it can be easily stored when recovery is done to transition your home back to normal. A fold-away shower doesn’t require home renovations or commitments, and it can remain in tidy storage until you or a loved one needs it again.—

If you are looking for portable showers or other aids to help with home healing and recovery, we can help. Shop for temporary fold-away showers if your home is not equipped for safe, convenient bathing after surgery or illness. Contact us for more recovery and home care insights.