As we gracefully age, maintaining our independence becomes an increasingly important part of our lives. For many aging adults, planning for aging-in-place renovations is a crucial step to ensure a comfortable and self-sufficient future. One such renovation that can make a significant difference in daily life is the installation of easy step showers.

Easy access showers make it much easier for individuals planning aging-in-place renovations to create a bathroom that promotes independence and safety. If you’re looking for products that can support your renovation process, Freedom Showers’ bathroom accessibility specialists are always available to help your renovation journey, from discovery to delivery. Learn more about the role of easy access showers in this guide.

Embracing Aging in Place

Aging in place is the idea of living independently in the comfort of your own home, even as the years pass by. It’s a choice that offers numerous benefits, including familiarity, emotional comfort, and the preservation of precious memories.

However, in order to fully enjoy the independence that comes with aging in place, it’s crucial to implement essential adjustments to your home. The bathroom stands out as one of the key areas where such modifications can have a substantial impact.

The bathroom can be a potential danger zone for seniors, with its slippery surfaces and high step-ins for traditional showers or bathtubs, so the first step in avoiding bathroom hazards is to educate yourself about the potential dangers and choose the right accessible products. This is where easy step walk in showers for seniors come to the rescue.

The Challenge of Traditional Showers

Traditional showers, with their high step-ins and often inadequate handrails, can become a significant obstacle for aging adults. For those who are experiencing mobility challenges or have health conditions that affect their balance, navigating a high-sided shower or tub can be daunting. The risk of slipping and falling leads to a rise in common injuries amongst seniors, even in the early stages of aging.

The constant concern of falling in the bathroom can strip away the feeling of independence. It can be frustrating if you need assistance with even the most personal aspects of your daily routine. But the good news is, a walk in shower can provide an elegant solution to this challenge. Preparing your bathroom ahead of time by replacing traditional showers or bathtubs is a great way to maintain your dignity and independence.

Features of Easy Step Showers

A walk in shower for seniors comes with several features that make daily bathing routines much more comfortable and convenient for young seniors.

Low Threshold

Easy step or walk in showers for seniors are designed with the aging population in mind. Freedom easy step showers feature a low threshold (3 to 5-inch step) entry, eliminating the need to step over a high edge to enter the shower. This simple modification transforms the bathroom into a safer and more accessible space, allowing seniors to maintain their independence confidently.

Easy step showers typically feature a minimal threshold, usually measuring just a few inches in height, facilitating effortless entry and exit. This eliminates concerns about stumbling or facing difficulties while entering the shower, contributing significantly to one’s self-assurance.

Built-in Seating

Some easy step showers come equipped with built-in seating, allowing you to shower comfortably while seated. This is especially useful for those who experience fatigue while standing for extended periods.

However, not all walk in showers come with seating, but you can add it if needed. When you browse our extensive list of accessible showers for seniors, you can also look for seats or benches to enhance safety. Adding a walk in shower with a bench to your bathroom can improve safety and enable you to bathe independently without requiring assistance.

Handrails and Grab Bars

Some easy step showers have strategically placed handrails and grab bars to provide support when moving around or transitioning into and out of the shower. These safety features can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

You can also choose your bathroom accessories based on your unique needs. Once you add a walk in shower to your bathroom, it can be helpful to incorporate handrails and grab bars in the shower or other bathroom areas for additional support.

Slip-resistant Flooring

Easy step showers commonly have slip-resistant flooring to help prevent slips and falls, even when the shower floor is wet. This extra layer of security is invaluable for seniors, as falls can lead to significant injuries, high medical bills, and loss of independence.

Benefits of Easy Step Showers

Consider the following benefits of adding easy step showers to your aging-in-place plans.

Space Efficiency

Easy step showers are not only about safety and accessibility; they’re also designed to be space-efficient. Older bathrooms can be cramped, making it challenging to accommodate a traditional tub or shower. A walk in shower with a seat can be installed in smaller spaces, allowing you to optimize your bathroom while ensuring safety and convenience.


One of the remarkable aspects of easy step showers is the ability to personalize them to your needs. From choosing the type of shower head, to adding grab bars and seats in the finished you want to  match your taste and bathroom decor, these showers can be tailored to suit your preferences.

Personalization during bathroom remodeling ensures that your bathroom remains a space you feel comfortable and happy in. Freedom walk-in shower design features a low-threshold entry, making it an excellent choice for those with mobility challenges or looking for a modern, spacious bathroom layout.

Financial Perks

Investing in easy step showers is not just about personal safety and convenience; it can also have financial benefits in the long run. Aging-in-place renovations like these can increase the resale value of your home, which is a significant consideration for many seniors.

By adding a walk in shower for seniors, you are also making your home more accessible, and this may help you avoid the high costs associated with moving into assisted living facilities or retirement homes. The money you save on these expenses can be better invested in enjoying your golden years.

Maintaining Dignity

Maintaining one’s dignity is a fundamental aspect of aging gracefully. Traditional showers that require assistance or cause anxiety can undermine this dignity. Easy step showers empower you to prioritize fall prevention for seniors and maintain your hygiene independently, preserving your self-respect.

Promoting Freedom and Confidence

The decision to age in place is a significant one, and easy step showers play a crucial role in helping young seniors maintain their independence and self-confidence. By eliminating the challenges associated with traditional showers, Freedom Showers’ easy step showers provide a sense of freedom, safety, and convenience that can transform the aging experience.