Introducing the new Freedom Inspire Collection, the next generation of accessible showers, expertly redesigned to make your tub-to-shower conversion easy. We believe our customers have the best insight into what they need, and we listened to your feedback. That’s why we created the Inspire Collection to provide you with the best roll-in showers on the market with advanced design to make bathroom renovations quick and easy.

The Freedom Inspire showers offer a range of features that set them apart from our Classic Freedom Showers. One of the most significant differences is the interlock base and wall design, which allows for all the pieces to snap together for a secure, waterproof fit. This new design also incorporates a smooth finish, thanks to a new mold technique that ensures even the back and edges of the shower pieces are smooth and easy to handle during installation. The walls of the Inspire showers have a modern subway tile design, making them aesthetically pleasing and a great addition to any bathroom.

The Inspire Showers are also designed with functionality in mind. They include a large shelving niche on the upper wall panel with an opening for a slide bar and can accept shower doors on the barrier-free threshold. Plus, they come with a no-caulk PVC drain with a square, chrome finish drain plate, eliminating the need for additional purchases. Designer accessories are also available for those looking to upgrade their packages to a polished stainless steel finish or a driftwood grey seat.

Tub-To-Shower Conversion for easy renovations

The Inspire showers retain the same features that our customers love about our Classic Freedom Showers, including a low 7/8″ roll-in threshold for easy access, five-piece construction for easy remodeling projects, and a pre-leveled and reinforced shower pan that can be installed easily on existing subfloors. Plus, the walls come with full wood backing for installing weight-bearing accessories, an easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish, and a textured slip-resistance shower base.

Taking a shower should be something everyone can do without fear, and the Inspire Collection makes it possible to create an oasis at home where you can relax and feel refreshed. Replace your standard bathtub with a shower from our Inspire Collection to create a beautiful and safe bathroom. The Inspire showers are available in our most popular bathtub replacement sizes: 60″ x 33″ and 60″ x 37″. They come in both left and right-hand drain options and can be purchased as a full shower kit or just the shower pan, depending on how you want the walls of your shower to be finished.

Outfit your Inspire Shower with the best accessories

The Inspire Collection also offers a range of accessory packages to choose from, including the Residential Safety package that comes with a folding shower seat, available in padded white, slatted white, or a designer driftwood grey, and three grab bars (2 x 24″ and 1 x 36″). The Water Retention package includes a 5′ long collapsible water retainer, a curtain rod, and a shower curtain. Finally, the Handheld and Mixing Valve package includes a handheld shower kit with glide bar and 60″ hose, and pressure-balanced mixing valves.

In conclusion, the Freedom Inspire Collection is a range of accessible showers designed with our customers’ needs in mind. They come with a range of features that set them apart from the Classic Freedom Showers, including a smooth interlock base and wall design, a modern subway tile design on the walls, and a large shelving niche. You can choose from our most popular bathtub replacement sizes and a range of accessory packages to create your perfect shower. So why not make your tub-to-shower conversion easy and upgrade to an Inspire Shower today? Visit our new Inspire Category page on