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50½" x 50⅛" Freedom Accessible Shower

Model: APF5050BF5P
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50½" x 50⅛" Freedom Accessible Shower

Model: APF5050BF5P

Shower stall only

  • build 5-Piece for Remodeling
  • time Up to 2 weeks manufacturing time
  • america Made in America

Shower stall only

Freedom Accessible Showers Are Durable & Easy-To-Clean

This five-piece Freedom Accessible Showers are compliant with the VA (Veteran's Affairs) 48" x 48" inside dimension requirement, making it one of the premier showers for remodeling veteran’s homes for aging in place. A center drain location minimizes your plumbing requirements for this barrier-free shower stall. The 1” beveled threshold comes with a reinforced and pre-leveled shower base. Zero-threshold showers provide safety and independence for seniors.

This fiberglass shower model features a durable, luxurious and easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish with a modern tile pattern. Freedom handicapped shower stalls have full wood backing in the walls to offer strength and easy installation of custom accessories. For peace of mind, Accessibility Professionals offers a 30-year warranty on manufacturing defects for all wood-backed Freedom Showers.

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