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Freedom Pressure Balanced Mixing Valve

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Freedom Pressure Balanced Mixing Valve

The Freedom Pressure Balanced Mixing Valve is designed to maintain a constant water temperature regardless of household pressure fluctuations. This single-handle valve is ADA-approved and ensures a safe, consistent temperature to prevent hot water injuries. Easy to install, it comes complete with plumbing fittings compatible with both copper pipe and PEX tubing. Ideal for any shower setup, this chrome trim valve provides reliable temperature control for a comfortable and safe bathing experience.
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Reliably Control Water Temperature in the Shower

Installing a Freedom Pressure Balanced Mixing Valve in your shower ensures that water temperatures remain constant and independent of water pressure changes in the household or facility. For your installation convenience, this valve kit includes plumbing fittings that install with either copper pipe or PEX tubing.

This mixing valve continues to deliver the exact water temperature that has been selected. A constant water temperature protects you from possible hot water injuries that stem from changing water pressures. The Freedom Pressure Balanced Mixing Valve ADA approved.

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