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48" x 37" Freedom Accessible Shower Pan

Model: APF4836BFPAN

48" x 37" Freedom Accessible Shower Pan

Model: APF4836BFPAN

The 48" wide design is perfect for replacing existing showers or fitting into smaller spaces. These barrier-free shower bases are made with durable fiberglass and an easy-to-clean acrylic finish. Combine with custom wall tiles for a designer bathroom. With a beveled 7/8" threshold, stepping in and out is effortless and safe. Stay independent and at home longer with our handicapped accessible shower pans. Enjoy a 30-year warranty.

  • build Fiberglass
  • time 2-3 weeks manufacturing time
  • america Made in America

Barrier Free Shower Pans That are Safe For Seniors

The 48” wide barrier free shower pan is specially designed for replacing an existing shower or fitting into a smaller space in the bathroom. Freedom shower pans are ideal for remodeling applications where space is limited. Made with durable fiberglass and a luxurious,  easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish. Combine a Freedom handicapped accessible shower base with custom wall tiles for a designer bathroom. 

With a beveled 7/8” high threshold, Freedom low profile shower pans are effortless and safe. Stepping in and out has never been easier for seniors and those with mobility disabilities. Including a handicapped accessible shower pan in your home will help keep you independent and living at home longer. For peace of mind, Accessibility Professionals Inc. offers a 30 year warranty on manufacturing defects for all Freedom shower pans.

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