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Semi Permanent Threshold Adapter

Model: APFSPT36-60IN
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Semi Permanent Threshold Adapter

Model: APFSPT36-60IN
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Semi Permanent Threshold Adapter, select size

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A Semi-Permanent Threshold Adapter can be added to a barrier free shower entrance to instantly transform the shower floor into an easy step low curb. This can be especially useful if you want to add a shower door to the unit. The semi-permanent threshold can be easily removed at a later date, returning the shower to a barrier free accessible or ADA shower.

Effortlessly Convert Your Shower From Barrier-Free to Easy-Step

Being able to convert a barrier free shower into an easy step and then back again to barrier free, is perfect for changing needs as you age.

Threshold adapters are white in color, 2.75" high by 3" wide, and available for all Freedom Accessible and ADA Showers.

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