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Collapsible Water Dam Retainer

Model: APFCWRW3-10FT

Collapsible Water Dam Retainer

Model: APFCWRW3-10FT

Keep your bathroom safe and dry with our Collapsible Water Retainer. Designed for Freedom barrier-free showers, easily add a 1" water dam to the threshold. Made of durable neoprene rubber, it keeps your floor dry and allows easy access for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. Simple installation with self-adhesive, double-sided epoxy tape. Available in 3' to 10' lengths with rounded end caps (or flat end caps for 90-degree corners).

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Collapsible Water Retainer, select size

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Water Barrier for your Wheelchair Accessible Shower

A Collapsible Water Retainer helps keep the bathroom floor dry. Freedom barrier free showers are specially designed so that a 1" collapsible water dam can be easily added to the shower threshold.

Collapsible Water Retainers are white and made of durable neoprene rubber. The 1" rubber material keeps water off your floor, allowing wheelchair users and those with limited mobility to easily roll or step into the shower. Collapsible Water Retainers are incredibly easy to install with a self-adhesive, double-sided epoxy tape.

Comes in 3' to 10' lengths with a pair of rounded end caps. Ask for flat end caps if needed for 90-degree corners. Call us at 1-877-947-7769 for bulk orders and all other questions.

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