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Handicap Shower Doors for Caregivers

Half-height shower doors provide a water dam for barrier free showers and offer privacy for bathers receiving caregiver assistance. Freedom Caregiver Shower Doors offer a more comfortable and dignified bathing experience. Read more...

Barrier-Free Caregiver Shower Door in a roll in shower

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Caregivers Stay Dry While Assisting 

A caregiver door for barrier free shower units can make a world of difference when caring for seniors and those with disabilities. Freedom Caregiver Shower Doors are a functional and attractive accessory for wheelchair accessible showers.

Freedom Shower Doors are designed for caregivers to more easily assist bathers while staying dry. The frosted panels offer privacy, and the 180 degree hinges on each panel allow the doors to swing in or out for maximum flexibility. A leading solution for assisted bathing, the handles lock each panel in place, but give way if a fall were to occur - preventing further injury.

Trackless shower doors can be installed in most alcove styled barrier free showers. Magnetic strips at the door joints and sealing gaskets at the bottom of each panel provide superior water retention. Constructed with quality, durable materials to withstand daily use and last for years. Used in combination with a shower curtain, folding shower doors make showering more comfortable and dignified for the bather and caregiver.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The door has a sealing gasket on the bottom included that provides water barrier when installed correctly. When the doors are closed, they will keep the water from coming out onto the finished floor.  

  • The Caregiver door has Built-in safety measures like shatterproof panels and latch handles designed to give way to sideward pressure, minimize risks during an accidental fall. 

  • Accessibility Professionals sells the doors that fit into the 60” Accessible Showers, with an inside dimension of 57 ¾”. The doors fit between 56¾" to 58¼" wide, and are 30" tall.

  • The Caregiver doors provide screening so caregivers can stay dryer while assisting bathers. This partial door provides better privacy for the bather. The doors open easily and fully and work great in combination with barrier free showers, to provide easy roll in access for someone who uses a wheelchair. Other shower doors often require a sliding track, which adds to the threshold making it difficult to roll in, and they interfere with the opening of the shower.

  • The doors have a 180 degree, bi-fold swing doors to provide full spacious access in and out of the shower unit.

  • The doors are configured in four door segments; segments are hinged together as pairs; each pair is hinged to a stanchion on the frame that attaches to either side of the shower opening. The door parts in the middle.

  • The caregiver door panels are composed of shatterproof PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The gray frame, and hinges are made of durable aluminum, and handles/latches are plastic and rubber.

  • The unit comes in the colour white with gray trim only.

  • Compensators will make up the gap between the shower doors and the walls, giving you space to make fitting adjustments and achieve a finished appearance. Compensators are U-shaped channels, open on one long edge. Each door assembly's end fits into a compensator channel. With the doors removed, you have access into each channel to fasten the compensators to the walls. When you slip a door assembly into a compensator, you can fine-tune its position so that the door's gasket rests on the floor and so that the door will swing properly.

  • The Caregiver door includes a 34½" x 57¾" 'L' shaped curtain rail with installation hardware, two 71" x 71" breathable curtains, and two packs of Hook & Glide connectors

    The curtain rail and curtain may be installed for use in conjunction with the caregiver door. The curtain rail may be cut as needed with a metal cutting blade.

  • 5 - year limited warranty when used in a commercial setting.

    10 - year limited warranty when used in a residential setting.