Corner Shelf with Integrated Grab Bar, Satin Stainless

Corner Shelf with Integrated Grab Bar, Satin Stainless

Model: APFW-SC306-1406-SS

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Model: APFW-SC306-1406-SS

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In Stock
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Product Highlights:

  • Corner Shelf for the Shower or Bathtub
  • Shelf also doubles as a Grab Bar
  • 12.5" x 4.5" Shelf Space
  • 14" Grab Bar for Support

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The Freedom Corner Shelf with Integrated Grab Bar is specially designed to provide extra storage space and grab bar support in one device. It can be installed in the corner of any shower and bathtub where an extra shelf would be beneficial. The shelf has a length of 12" and a depth of 4.5", providing ample room for shampoo bottles and other bathing products.

Space & Support with a Corner Shelf Grab Bar

Like other grab bar installations, corner shelves are easy to install. This high-quality stainless steel corner shelf will help prevent falls while keeping the shower stylish with its satin stainless finish. Freedom Corner Shelves are proudly made in America.

Corner Shelf Grab Bar Features:

  • 12" x 4.5" shelf dimensions
  • 14" grab bar
  • Satin Stainless finish
  • Stainless Steel material


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