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Freedom Handheld Shower Kit with Glide Bar

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Freedom Handheld Shower Kit with Glide Bar


Featuring an adjustable stainless glide bar, this handicap shower head effortlessly transitions between stationary and handheld modes. The innovative grab bar functionality adds an extra layer of support. With its ADA approval and chrome finish, this shower head set is a must-have for a truly accessible bathroom experience.

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A Handheld Shower Head That's Truly Flexible

Installing a handheld shower head is an easy way to make your shower safer and easier to use. The stainless glide bar allows for an adjustable stationary position for the shower head or alternatively the shower head can be removed from the glide bar and held in hand.

An additional feature is the glide bar also works as a grab bar. It is important to properly secure and reinforce the glidebar/grab bar to support weight bearing.

The set comes with a 60" double seam shower hose the shower head is chrome and is ADA approved.

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