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Solid Step Cote Non-slip Coating

Model: SSC3101K
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Solid Step Cote Non-slip Coating

Model: SSC3101K

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Out of Stock

The DIY Non-Slip coating kit comes with 4 oz. of coating for your shower or bathtub floor. Packaged in a clamshell paint tray with an application roller, one kit is enough to complete two coats in a standard shower or bathtub.

Coat Your Shower Floor for Non-Slip Bathing

This non-toxic solution has no fumes or odors. The safe and effective Solid Step Cote has a texture similar to 200 grit sandpaper, which provides a non-slip surface in your Freedom Shower. The Solid Step Cote can be used on any tub or shower surface including fiberglass, tile, porcelain, acrylic, metal, slate, or concrete.

Designed to last for several years before reapplication is required, Solid Step Cote will not yellow, peel or crack.

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