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Caregiver Shower Door Kit, 54 ¾” - 58 ¼”

Model: APM91113KIT

Caregiver Shower Door Kit, 54 ¾” - 58 ¼”

Model: APM91113KIT
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Comfortable Showering for Bathers & Caregivers

Freedom Caregiver Shower Door Kit is a functional accessory for wheelchair-accessible showers. Caregiver Doors are specially designed to make it easier for caregivers to assist bathers. At 30" tall, Freedom Shower Doors keep caregivers dry as they easily reach over the door to assist. The hinged shower doors are made with durable PET plastic, meaning they are both shatterproof and long-lasting. The frosted panels offer privacy, while the 180-degree hinges on each panel allow the doors to swing in and out for maximum flexibility.

A leading solution for assisted bathing, Freedom Caregiver Shower Handles lock each panel in place, but give way if a fall were to occur - preventing further injury.

Trackless shower doors can be installed in most alcove-styled barrier-free showers. Magnetic strips at the door joints and sealing gaskets at the bottom of each panel provide superior water retention. Frames, hinges, and handles are constructed with durable materials to withstand daily use and last for years.

Used in combination with a shower curtain, these folding shower doors make showering more comfortable and dignified for the bather and caregiver.

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