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5' Collapsible Water Retainer, White with End Caps

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5' Collapsible Water Retainer, White with End Caps

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One of the most common questions we get asked is: If I install a barrier free shower, what keeps the water in the pan? It's an important questions, because we know that water on the bathroom floor creates a safety hazard, and can cause damage as well. We highly recommend the Collapsible Water retainer for any low threshold shower. The Collapsible Water Retainer is a innovative solution for water retention. 

Accessible Showers Need Water Barriers

The white, 1" high Collapsible Water Retainers are made of durable neoprene rubber which is flexible to be rolled over with a wheelchair, then pops back up to keep water in the shower pan. The self-adhesive, double sided apoxy tape makes installation easy and each Collapsible water retainer comes with a pair of end caps. This product works even better in combination with a weight shower curtain to create the best protection. 

Retainers are available in sizes of 3 feet and more. Call 1-877-947-7769 for bulk orders and all other questions.

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If you are planning for current or future accessibility needs, you can have full confidence in our high-quality shower solutions knowing our team of experts is here to help, and our Freedom Showers are backed by an incredible 30-year warranty.

Over 30,000 Happy Customers!

Thank you so much. My customer is highly pleased with their new shower for their 83 year old mother. She can “now get into the shower without any trouble.”  The shower stall was very easy to install, and very sturdy. I will use Freedom Showers again for my next job.

Reginald Finley,

Lawrenceville, GA

Our freedom shower base is wonderful. The people at Accessibility Professionals were wonderful to work with.  In the beginning the agent helped me correct my order and get the best possible price.  When they handicap bars were missing from the original delivery, the company made sure they were delivered very quickly so that our installer got the project completed as scheduled.  And now we have safe shower!

Lea M.,

Charleston, SC

Dan loves his new walk-in shower...needs no assistance...two shower heads. He uses a bath stool vs the bench. It was a work in progress for a while because contractors expanded the small bathroom by placing the shower into the bedroom. The instructions were clear and once they saw how the framing worked, decided to remodel the whole bathroom ... more room for wheelchair, etc. We are very happy with the whole process and quality of shower. A definite recommendation for disability needs.Hopefully this will help Dan to stay more independent longer. Thank you again for excellent service and product.

Dan and Mary B.,

Fruitvale, BC

Just finished reno bathroom, love the shower pan, barrier free, anti-slip, with the shower curtain, perfect, just in time. Husband could not lift his leg high enough anymore over the threshold. Kudos to our installer, he did an amazing job, love how the tiles fit perfectly above the pan lip, easy cleaning from now on.

Anne Pollemans,

Wasaga Beach, ON