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Tile Over Soap Niches & Ledges

Tile Ready Soap Ledges for Showers
Tile Over Niches
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Luxurious Integrated Shower Storage

Made with the same waterproof design as our tile over shower pans, adding a soap ledge to your accessible shower is quick and easy. Add a space saving soap niche to your custom tiled shower. For shower remodeling projects, tile over shower niches can have tiles applied directly over the niche surface without the need for liners, mudding, or hot mopping. Tile shower shelves are leak proof and mold resistant.

Shower Storage with Style

Adding a tile over niche eliminates all shower caddies and protruding soap dishes. Recessed shelves will match your tiled walls and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Combine multiple niches in different sizes to maximize shower storage.
Tile Over Soap Niches are a quick and efficient solution to shower storage. You can have a designer shower by customizing the surface with tile, marble or stone that matches or compliments the design of your bathroom. This shower ledge comes with a 1 year limited warranty on manufacturing defects.

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