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rolling shower chair for handicapped access
Rolling Shower Chairs
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Introducing Rolling Shower Commode Chairs

We offer a wide variety of shower seats but the roll in shower chair is the preferred product for caregivers. The commode seat design makes intimate cleaning easy, while the rolling ability helps with transferring from toilet to shower. The tilt model creates a reclining shower chair that releases pressure and allows for a more thorough bathing experience with easier reach for the user and caregiver.

Our rolling shower chairs are perfect for handicapped accessibility with a lightweight design. The versatile shower transfer chair has swival casters and can be ordered with 24" back wheels for user independence. 

The reclining shower chair alleviates heavy lifting and unnecessary transfers, eliminating one of the most stressful aspects of caregiving while maintaining the privacy and dignity of the user.

We offer the best options in commode chairs for shower use in the home or hospital.

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