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38½" x 37 ⅜" Freedom ADA Shower Base, with Dbl Receiver Flange

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38½" x 37 ⅜" Freedom ADA Shower Base, with Dbl Receiver Flange

  • build Fiberglass (36" x 36" ID)
  • time Up to 2 weeks manufacturing time
  • america Made in America

What is an ADA Transfer Shower?

Freedom ADA compliant transfer shower pans have a 36” x 36” inside dimension to meet ADA code compliance. Fiberglass construction with a durable, easy to clean applied acrylic finish, the ADA transfer shower pan features a textured, slip-resistant floor. A 3/4” barrier free threshold creates safe access for bathers and should meet ADA requirements (always check local codes).

This shower floor has a double receiver flange to accomodate ADA compliant access. Combine the low profile shower base with custom tiled walls and the appropriate accessories to fulfill ADA compliance in commercial buildings.

ADA Transfer Showers allow wheelchair users to roll up beside the shower entrance and transfer to a wall mounted shower seat. Inside the shower the bather will be able to reach the controls, and have grab bars to support safe movement within the shower.  Freedom 36 x 36 ADA Shower Pan is reinforced and pre-leveled, so it can be installed on a subfloor with no mud set. These features make for an easy installation, especially important for large jobs.

For peace of mind, Freedom ADA shower bases come with a 30 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

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