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18" x 15" Shower Seat, CHOOSE SLAT COLORS, Brushed Frame


18" x 15" Shower Seat, CHOOSE SLAT COLORS, Brushed Frame

Create an oasis in your shower with an elegant and sturdy fold-up shower seat from Freedom Showers. This compact, 18" x 15 ¾" wall-mounted bench boasts a brushed stainless steel frame and durable HDPE slats that are easy to clean and available in a variety of colors, including wood grain finishes from the LuxeWood Collection and vibrant hues from the Mono-Color Collection. Designed to fold flat against the wall for space efficiency, the seat supports over 500 lbs and features removable slats for easy installation. Ideal for anyone needing extra stability in the shower, this bench combines luxury with practicality, ensuring a safer and more comfortable bathing experience. Free shipping to the contiguous United States.
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Select Seat Slat Color: White US$446.00

Sleek Shower Bench with Back Adds Safety

The 18" wall-mounted shower seat from Freedom Showers is a luxurious shower bench option that adds style and safety to your bathroom. The brushed satin frame is made with 12 gauge stainless steel. The stainless steel barrel allows the bottom seat to fold up flat against the wall, only protruding 2 7/8”, making it the most condensed folding shower bench we offer.

Seniors and individuals with mobility limitations will enjoy the independence and comfort that come from having one of our folding, mounted shower seats in their shower. The HDPE slats are 1” thick, durable, and easy to keep clean.

Choose from a wide variety of slat colors to suit your decor. We offer mono colors: white, light grey, and grey, and also a Luxe Wood collection that has a realistic wood grain look for a more luxurious option. Being able to sit down on a wall-mounted shower seat while bathing will help prevent falls and and improve the bathing experience for anyone who tires easily, has balance issues, or prefers to sit in the shower.

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