28" x 15" Folding Shower Bench, Phenolic Slatted TEAK

28" x 15" Folding Shower Bench, Phenolic Slatted TEAK

Wall Supported Made in America
Model: APFSSB-280150PT

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Model: APFSSB-280150PT

3-4 weeks manufacturing time
3-4 weeks manufacturing time
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3-4 weeks manufacturing time

Product Highlights:

  • 28" x 15" Shower Seat for Safety & Comfort
  • Durable Teak Phenolic Seat Top
  • U Shaped Support Bracket for Folding
  • 250 lbs. Weight Capacity
Product Overview

Product Overview

Phenolic Teak Wall Mounted Shower Seats from Freedom Showers are a stylish and practical addition to your accessible shower. With a 28" x 15" phenolic slatted seat top this folding shower bench works well in larger showers to provide safety, comfort and independence.

Manufactured with a stainless steel frame, these folding shower seats can support up to 250 lbs when properly installed, and when not in use can easily fold up against the wall.

Folding Shower Seats for Seniors

Aging adults will enjoy the freedom that comes from having a wall mounted bench in the shower. Being able to sit down while bathing is great for anyone who tires easily, has balance issues, or just wants the option to sit in the shower. Prevent falls in the bathroom with a Freedom wall mounted shower seat.

Shower seats can be installed at your desired height for residential use, or mounted at an ADA required height between 17” and 19” from the floor. Our Freedom fold up shower seats are available in a variety of sizes and different style top. Call 1-877-947-7769 for more information and excellent customer service.

Foldable Shower Seat Features:

  • 28” x 15” seat size
  • Durable phenolic slatted top, teak look
  • Wall supported with U shaped support bracket
  • Stainless steel frame, with front access mounting flanges
  • Meets and exceeds 250 lbs. weight capacity

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