Level Entry Shower Pan Kit - All Size

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Level Entry Shower Pan Kit - All Size

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Model: APLES-6048-KIT-LAT

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Model: APLES-6048-KIT-LAT

* Drain Grate Finish (Select One): Brushed Stainless Steel (default)

* Drain Grate Styles (Select One):

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In Stock

Spa-like, Level Access Showers

Give your home a luxurious upgrade by adding a level access shower finished with custom tile. Our innovative level entry shower base for installing a level entry shower has been designed by a master plumber and master tile setter to help eliminate installation issues that installers have faced when creating a tile shower.

Providing the industry’s lowest shower pan for tiling a custom accessible shower, our level entry shower kit can be used to create any size shower. The sloped tileable shower base is made from recycled, sorted and cleaned ABS plastic, and has a textured pattern on the pan surface to create a firm bond between the pan and waterproofing liquid and fabric.

Included in your Level Entry Shower Kit:

  • 59.5” x 47.5” sloped shower pan that can be cut with a standard skill saw to fit virtually any shower size
  • 2 x 1-Gallon pails of Laticrete Hydro Barrier waterproofing membrane. Approximate coverage of 120 square feet. (North American NA1740 also available upon request, call to inquire)
  • 37 ft roll of 38” Wide Reinforcement, Anti-friction thermal expansion fabric
  • 75 ft roll of 6” Wide Reinforcement, Anti-friction thermal expansion fabric
  • 15 ft roll of 12” Wide Reinforcement mesh
  • 1 ea of 4” paint brush, razor knife and latex gloves
  • Brushed stainless drain strainer, with your choice of designs. (Customer can upgrade drain strainer to Polished Stainless or Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Not included:

Latex modified thinset, required to set pan in or any quick drying patch that may be needed to patch or extend shower slopes. Installers can choose one of the following patches to use:

  • Laticrete NXT-Patch
  • Maei Mapecum Quick Patch
  • North American NA-500

These products are readily available and can be purchased from your local tile distributor.

NOTE: 14” x 14” pan system is available for small showers, safety pans under washing machines, or as pet washing areas.

Click here for California Prop 65 Warning


Features of the Wet Room Shower Tray system:

  • 59.5” x 47.5” level entry shower pan can be cut or patched to create any size shower
  • Pre-sloped shower pan, ¼” for foot pitch towards the drain
  • Shower base kit includes almost everything you need for tiling a wet room shower
  • Kit comes with Brushed Stainless drain strainer. Custom drain strainers available with different finishes, friction fit design:
  • Upgrade drain strainer to:
    • Polished stainless
    • Oil rubbed bronze
  • No-caulk drain design to work with 2” PVC or ABS pipe. (Can be ordered for use with cast iron or copper pipe. Call to inquire.)
  • Includes tightening tool that attaches to gasket lock ring that won’t fall down the drain 
  • Top side drain seal for easy access
  • Can be installed in steam showers
  • Drain and clamping flange have built in engagement tabs for a confident fit
  • Height adjustment ring and grate retainer for easier tiling around grate 


Product Specification (PDF)e 17/08/2018 125KB
Shower Kit Components (PDF) 17/08/2018 513.89KB
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Brochure (PDF) 17/08/2018 1.95MB


Installation Video

Installation Video