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60" x 34" Tile Over Barrier Free Shower Pan, Trench Drain


60" x 34" Tile Over Barrier Free Shower Pan, Trench Drain

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Select Trench Drain Grate Style for 60" x 34" Barrier Free, Tile Over Shower Pan

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Tile ready Linear Drain Shower Bases provide the structure you need to create beautiful barrier free accessible bathrooms. Finish the tile over shower base with ceramic, marble or stone tiles for an upscale design to suit your personal preference and accessibility needs.

Barrie Free Linear Drain Shower Pans

The barrier free trench drain tiling shower base comes ready to accept tile directly on the surface without the need for liners, mudding or hot mopping. The shower base is pitched toward the molded-in trench drain near the back. Choose from three styles of drain grates to complete your tile shower base system:

Polished Chrome Designer Grate

Brushed Nickel Solid Grate

Tileable Grate

The low threshold allows for easy access for aging in place. Easy to install, leak proof and mold resistant. Recent improvements to the product allow you to use a wide array of readily available modified thin sets to install tiles onto the shower pan.

Add the optional Z flashing system to complete the waterproofing system between the shower pan and custom tile walls. The shower pans for tile bathrooms come with a 3 year limited warranty on manufacturing defects.

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