Purchase Terms

*Important information about your order. Please read.

1. NO RETURN POLICY. Due to the nature of the products that we sell, we cannot accept returns. Please review our complete Purchase Terms here.

2. ORDER REVIEW. When you place your order your payment will be pre-authorized. A Customer Service Representative (CSR) will review each order before finalizing the payment.
For a shower, shower pan or otherwise built-to-order product, a CSR MUST be able to speak with you within 5 days to confirm the details before finalizing your payment and completing your order. Unconfirmed orders will not be processed.

3. LEAD TIMES. SPECIAL NOTICE: Please click here for notices on the current global situation and how it may affect lead times. There are some options that do affect the lead times of your orders. For example, Showers with factory installed accessories (typically 1-piece showers) require a signed Submittal Drawing to ensure are installed where you want them. We will send you the customized Submittal Drawing shortly after finalizing your order. Your estimated lead time is based on the date that we receive this back from you. Also, if a color upgrade (any color other than white) is chosen this extends your lead time.