How to create a Stylish and Safe Bathroom with a Curbless Shower

As years pass by, most people need to change the way they do everyday things. You can modify your environment to accommodate your changing with a few updates. The best first step is to add a curbless shower in your bathroom.

Climbing into a bathtub can become a daunting and unsteady task. Traditional showers can have a 6” to 8” curb to step over, increasing the chances of tripping and falling.

Replace a bathtub or standard shower with a curb less shower to provide an easy solution, before there is a problem.

While curbless showers are beneficial for people of all age groups, they are especially useful for the elderly or people who face mobility challenges.

What is a Curbless Shower?

Curbless showers, or barrier free or zero-threshold showers have no threshold or an ultra low threshold to make stepping into the shower extremely easy.

More specifically, the curbless showers are wheelchair accessible. Someone in a wheelchair can approach a roll into the shower and roll or transfer in.

Use a rolling shower chair to assist someone into the shower without the need for heavy lifting.

Advantages of a Curbless Shower

Curb-less showers are a great choice for homes, especially ones with middle and senior-aged occupants who are planning to age-in-place.

1. Easy to Use

Eliminating the need to step over a threshold makes curbless showers very accessible and easy to use. Simply walk in and take your refreshing shower.

2. Versatile

The low threshold entry means that anyone will be able to use the shower, no matter their physical abilities. Curbless showers are ideal when recovering from surgery or illness. They are also good for elderly guests who come to stay, or for preparing for your own changing needs in the future. Having an accessible shower in your home means you are ready for whatever life throws at you.

3. Easy to Maintain

Since the flooring is plain, cleaning a curb less shower is relatively easy. Absence of a raised threshold means no corners or nook to accumulate moisture and dust, thus no scrubbing of difficult to reach corners.

4. Customize with Add-ons

Curbless Freedom Showers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, even color upgrade options. You can create a high-end designer bathroom with a century stone granite color upgrade.

Add any accessories you want, including a folding shower seat, or stylish grab bars for added safety without the institutional look.

Our Freedom Products

At Freedom Showers, we understand that our customers look for quality and variety when it comes to designing curbless showers. We offer different options to suit your shower design needs.

  1. Accessible/ Barrier-free Showers Freedom Accessible showers are designed for residential remodeling or new construction projects. They have a small, approximately 1” beveled threshold that is easy to roll over if needed. Available mostly in multi-piece units for remodeling, and with some drain placement options to match existing plumbing, Freedom Shower walls also have reinforced backing the walls to accommodate installation of seats and grab bars.
  2. Accessible Shower Pans Create a custom accessible shower, by installing the pre-fab curbless shower pan, and adding custom tiled walls. This perfect combination eliminates the challenging part of creating a barrier free shower floor.
  3. Level Entry Shower Pan Kit To create a true curbless shower, this kit can be used to create a wet room style custom tiled shower. Tilers and bathroom contractors have used the sloped and tileable shower base to create beautiful, high-end accessible bathrooms.

What are your Bathroom remodeling plans?

Whether you are planning to remodel your existing bathroom or are designing a new home, choosing an accessible, curbless shower will go a long way in creating a comfortable and safe living space that will accommodate your changing needs over the years.

Our excellent Customer Service team at Freedom Showers can help you choose the best curbless shower for you. Contact us today to learn more about our Freedom product line.