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32" x 22½" ADA Shower Seat with legs, LEFT Hand, Phenolic Slatted TEAK

Model: APFSSL2-320225PT
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32" x 22½" ADA Shower Seat with legs, LEFT Hand, Phenolic Slatted TEAK

Model: APFSSL2-320225PT
  • time 3-4 weeks manufacturing time
  • america Made in America

Durable Shower Seats for Patient Care

To complete an ADA Shower installation in commercial buildings or public spaces, you will likely need a wall mounted shower seat to meet ADA code compliance. The Freedom L shaped ADA shower seat provides accessibility and extra support in the shower while meeting federal ADA guidelines.

Introducing Lift-Assist Technology on Freedom wall mounted folding shower seats. The patented spring support mechanism has been developed to ensure that Freedom shower seats are user-friendly, and require less than five pounds of force to lift, regardless of seat size or seat top material. Independently tested to ensure ADA compliance, the Lift-Assist mechanism has been integrated into the frame design on Freedom Shower seats to make it easy to fold up when not in use.

Wall mounted seats are safer than shower stools for commercial or home use, for independent living or assisted care. Finished with an easy-to-clean phenolic slatted top, made to look like teak, and a high quality stainless steel frame,  the 32" wide shower seat is a great choice in larger showers to provide long lasting support and added safety. 

Install Freedom ADA shower seats at a height between 17” and 19” to meet code requirements. When properly installed, seats can support up to 900 lbs. and have been independently tested to withstand 1000 lbs. in a 30 minute static load test.

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