26" x 22½" ADA Shower Seats with legs, LEFT Hand, Phenolic Slatted TEAK

26" x 22½" ADA Shower Seats with legs, LEFT Hand, Phenolic Slatted TEAK

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Model: APFSSL2-260225PT

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Model: APFSSL2-260225PT

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Product Highlights:

  • Foldable Freedom Accessible Shower Seat
  • 26” x 22.5” Teak Phenolic Slatted Top
  • Left-handed L-Shaped Bench
  • 900 lbs. Weight Capacity
Product Overview

Product Overview

Install a Freedom L-shaped ADA Shower Seat into a roll in shower to complete your commercial or multi-unit project. Freedom ADA Shower seats meet ADA size and load requirements and are a valuable addition to accessible showers to provide support and accessibility for all users.

Easy to Clean Shower Seat

Manufactured with a stainless steel frame and legs, and an easy to clean phenolic slatted top, the ADA compliant shower seat easily folds up securely against the wall to save space. Height adjustable upon installation, between 17” and 19” to meet code requirements, Freedom ADA shower seats have a 900 lb. weight capacity, when properly installed. (Independently tested to withstand 1000 lbs. in a 30 minute static load test.)

ADA Folding Shower Seat Features:

  • 26” x 22.5” seat size
  • Left handed seat (Right available)
  • Height adjustable for seat level between 17” and 19”
  • Durable phenolic slatted seat top, with TEAK look
  • Four legs, hinged to fold up
  • Stainless steel frame, with front access mounting flanges
  • Supports up to 900 lbs. when properly installed

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Product Specification (PDF) 15/04/2018 429.12KB
Installation (PDF) 15/04/2018 456.54KB
Weight Capacity (PDF) 15/04/2018 119.19KB
Mounting Template (PDF) 15/04/2018 44.98KB
Care & Cleaning (PDF) 03/09/2021 177.42KB