Fold up Side of Toilet Rail, White

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Fold up Side of Toilet Rail, White

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* Side of Toilet Rail, WHITE, Choose Size and Handing

* Side of Toilet Rail, WHITE, Choose Size and Handing

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US$284.00 US$284.00 US$294.00 US$294.00
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In Stock

Fold up Side of Toilet Grab Bars help improve mobility around the toilet by providing a sturdy accessible grab bar with offset rails (to help reduce wrist strain when gripping the lower rail). When not in use, these swing up grab bars can fold up against the wall.

Caregivers sometimes worry about folding grab bars unexpectedly falling down while attending to a patient. These Side of Toilet safety bars feature a friction hinge that can hold itself anywhere between the up and down position, allowing custom use.

Install a side of toilet grab bar on both sides of the toilet for maximum support. These fold down grab bars meet and exceed federal guidelines when properly installed with wood backing behind the wall.


Folding Side of Toilet Rail:

  • Grab Bars Available in 28" or 32" Lengths
  • Grab Rail Diameter: 1.5”
  • Grab Rail horizontal offset: 1.5”
  • Left- or Right-side Configurations
  • Alloy steel material
  • Anti-microbial white powder coat finish
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

Added Options:

  • Toilet Roll Holder

NOTE: If there is no wood backing behind the wall of the toilet, there are a couple of options to choose from.

Add a Wood Wall Plate:

High quality Baltic 11-ply wood plate allows installation of Side of Toilet Rail without having to open walls to create structural reinforcement.

Wood Wall Plate Features:

  • Dimensions 19” x 22.75” to extend over wood studs
  • 2 sets of pre-drilled holes reinforced with T-Nut fasteners
  • Unfinished to allow customization


Add a Floor Mast:

If fastening the Side of Toilet Rail to the wall is not an option, the floor mast provides an alternative mounting structure to install the folding grab bars.

Floor Mast Features:

  • Sits 39” high
  • Side of toilet rail is height adjustable between 31”-36”
  • Maintain 400 lbs. weight capacity of the rail
  • White powder coat finish to match
  • Compatible only with model APO-WR-WHITE (28” & 32”, Left or Right)


Product Specification (PDF) 12/03/2017 916.32KB
Installation (PDF) 12/03/2017 316.31KB
Wall Plate Specification (PDF) 12/03/2017 122.21KB
Floor Mast Specifications (PDF) 12/03/2017 872KB