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Fold up Side of Toilet Rail, Stainless

Model: APO-WR-SS

Fold up Side of Toilet Rail, Stainless

Model: APO-WR-SS
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Choose Size and Handing of Side of Toilet Rail, STAINLESS

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Fold up Side of Toilet Grab Bars help improve mobility around the toilet by providing a sturdy accessible grab bar. Designed with an innovative offset rail to reduce wrist strain when you're sitting down or pulling yourself up from a seated position. When not in use, these swing up grab bars are easily stored out of the way, simply lift the rail unti it is flush against the wall.

Caregivers sometimes worry about folding grab bars unexpectedly falling down while attending to a patient. These Side of Toilet safety bars feature a friction hinge that can hold itself anywhere between the up and down position, allowing custom use.

Install a side of toilet grab bar on both sides of the toilet for maximum support. These fold down grab bars meet and exceed federal guidelines when properly installed with wood backing behind the wall.

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