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ADA Transfer Showers for Compliant Bathrooms

Experience the best in ADA bathroom solutions with Freedom ADA Transfer Shower Stalls. Designed to meet inside dimensions guidelines, our spacious 36" x 36" transfer showers are unmatched. Trust Freedom Showers, a leading provider of ADA accessible stalls. Explore our Best Seller or Read more...

Wheelchair user approaching an ADA transfer shower

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ADA Compliant Transfer Shower Stalls

Freedom ADA Transfer showers are designed so someone can transfer onto a fold-down shower seat from a wheelchair parked outside the shower unit. These Freedom ADA showers have been installed in many commercial projects that needed to meet ADA specifications and ADAAG Guidelines. Freedom ADA shower enclosures are a must-have for public buildings. ADA compliance provides individuals with physical disabilities full access to a shower, allowing them to bathe safely and independently.

Our line one-piece showers for new construction, or multi-piece units for remodeling projects. Simplify and meet ADA requirements for your project by ordering your transfer showers complete with all accessories, including a folding shower seat, grab bars, curtain rod, and more.  Factory-installed accessories combined with a pre-leveled base and easy-to-install pin & slot wall system, make for an efficient and cost-saving installation.

Freedom ADA compliant showers come with full reinforced backing and a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Every ADA Transfer Shower comes with either a double receiver flange or at least a seat side receiver flange to meet the most current ADA codes to allow the proper 48" clear floor space required for transferring from a wheelchair to a shower seat.

48 inch clear floor space required


Introduction to ADA Shower requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • ADA Transfer showers are designed so a person in a wheelchair, who can stand up to transfer, can roll up beside the shower entrance, and if needed use grab bars to transfer onto a wall mounted shower seat. The transfer showers have an inside dimension of 36” x 36” clear inside space, so that the bather can access water controls from the seated position, and reach the handheld shower head.

  • The following information is from section 608 Shower Compartments of 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

    Inside dimension: must be 36 inches x 36 inches clear inside dimension.

    Outside clearance: must have clearance outside of the shower of 36 inches wide minimum by 48 inches long minimum measured from the control wall.

    Grab bars: Transfer showers must have horizontal grab bars across the control wall and the back wall to a point 18 inches from the control wall.

    Shower seat: must have a wall secured folding or non folding seat, that can withstand a minimum of 250 lbs of vertical or horizontal force applied at any point on the seat. (610.4). In transfer-type showers, the seat shall extend from the back wall to a point within 3 inches of the shower entry. The top of the seat must be 17 inches minimum and 19 inches maximum above the bathroom finish floor.

    Thresholds: Transfer showers have a barrier free entry, with a maximum 1/2” high threshold.

    Controls: In Transfer showers, controls, faucet and shower spray unit must be installed on the side wall opposite the seat. Transfer showers must have a shower spray unit with a hose 59 inches long minimum, that can be used as a fixed-position shower head and as a hand-held shower. The shower head must have an on/off control with a non-positive shut off.

  • For ADA showers, grab bars shall be installed in a horizontal position, 33” minimum and 36” maximum above the finished bathroom floor, measured to the top of the gripping surface. Grab bars should not rotate within their fittings, and should withstand up to 250 lbs of force, when installed properly into reinforced walls.

  • L shaped shower seats. The rear edge of an L shaped shower seat shall be 2 ½” maximum from the seat wall, and the front edge should be 15-16 inches from the seat wall. The back edge of the L portion of the seat must be 1 ½” maximum from the back wall, and the front edge must be between 22-23 inches from main seat wall.

  • In a transfer type ADA shower, the controls should be installed opposite the seat, between 38-48” above the shower floor, 15 inches maximum from centerline of the seat toward the shower opening.

  • ADA Transfer Showers are not compliant in California. The state building code only accepts Roll in Type Showers for ADA compliance.