Being able to access your own home is one of the most important parts of staying as independent as possible. When deciding on what type of accessible products to install in your place, you’ll find two main options. A ramp or vertical wheelchair lifts that can raise them to the upper landing.

Ramps have been the familiar choice for a long time. But, over the years, homeowners realize how vertical lifts help promote independent living for people using wheelchairs. Here, we take a look at a few reasons why vertical wheelchair lifts make a better choice for you or your loved one.

Takes up less space

A vertical wheelchair lift can take significantly less space than a traditional ramp does. With a ramp, you’re required to have a one-foot length section per one inch of rise. So, if you have a 12-inch rise, you will need to construct a 12-foot ramp. Not all homes or businesses have the space available to accommodate that much space.

Installing a vertical lift means you only need a 5×5ft square concrete pad. The lift itself can vary between 48-53 inches and will install on top of that base slab. Accessing a home means riding the lift, vertically, to the entrance, not maneuvering a long ramp.

A lift can be safer

For those that use a wheelchair, maneuvering the slope of a long ramp can be dangerous. Ramps upward need constant forward motion. Leaving your home is another risk because you have to carefully descend the slope to avoid the wheelchair picking up too much speed. If there is any weather, like snow or ice build up navigating the ramp can be even more difficult.

Vertical lifts have many features that provide safety. Designed for all outdoor conditions, wheelchair lifts have a sturdy design and durable materials. The rider gets onto the platform and with the push of a button, is safely moved to the upper landing.

Avoids unpleasant aesthetics

Since ramps are usually installed long after the home was built, finding the same type of wood or stain color will be difficult. The mismatch in design detracts from the home’s presentation and could bring your home’s value down. Also, a long, bulky ramp will overshadow the home, making it the central focus of your curb appeal.

Vertical lifts take up less space. They can be installed in inconspicuous areas of the home, like inside of a garage. Having the lift out of the way, the home becomes more inviting to guests. Plus, should you decide to move to another place, you can move the lift with you, so there are no issues with selling the property.

Other Advantages of a Vertical Wheelchair Lift

There are many other reasons why you should consider vertical lifts for your home project. Some of those include:

Inexpensive– When you consider all the material and labor that goes into building a ramp that’s 12 feet or longer, you’ll know you’re looking at a large bill. The initial cost of a wheelchair lift may seem high, but it’s usually comparable if not cheaper than having someone install a ramp. Also the long term maintenence required is less for a lift than re-staining a wood ramp.

Quicker installation– Installing a lift can take a minimal amount of time when compared to a ramp that usually takes a couple of weeks to complete. We’ve had customers receive their residential lift in the morning and have it usable later that day.

Easy to use– A wheelchair lift allows you to access your home easily and could be operated on your own without help from others. With a ramp, you may need other people to help you stay safe while you maneuver into your home.

We strongly believe that people are happier and live well longer when they can stay living in their own home for as long as possible. Being able to live independently will help increase your odds of making sure that happens. The other way to increase the probability of staying in your home is to make sure your home meets your changing needs.

Here, at Accessibility Professionals, we offer a line of vertical wheelchair lifts that give you the freedom you want to remain independent. Contact us for more information or to request a quote for one of our wheelchair lift products.