It’s not just about safety

Many remodelers move into the home accessibility market for personal reasons. Often, the first project they take on is for their own aging parent, who need grab bars, wider doorways, and a roll in shower to create a more accessible bathroom.

This process is often a challenge for the person you are trying to help, whether it’s a family member or a customer. Using quality products that look beautiful is one way to help everyone accept the necessary changes. Contractors and their customers love Freedom Showers by Accessibility Professionals, combined with our designer quality grab bars and shower seats that make beautiful accessible bathrooms.

Most customers start home accessibility remodels in the bathroom. It’s the room that provides the most obvious dangers and replacing a bathtub with a walk in or roll in shower can have the biggest impact in someone feeling safer and more independent in their own home.

Freedom Showers are a great place to start

Creating an accessible bathroom usually involves replacing a bathtub, whether it’s a standard bath/shower insert, or a garden tub, or a walk-in shower with a door. Adding a low, or barrier free threshold shower provides the safety and independence your customers are looking for.

Freedom Showers are constructed for longevity and durability with fiberglass construction and reinforced walls, and are backed by a 30-year warranty. The pans are pre-leveled and reinforced, and can be installed right on the existing sub-floor, no recess required. This means quicker installation time.

Freedom Accessible Showers are available in many sizes and configurations, including bathtub replacement showers with end drains, or larger showers for someone who needs assistance, so you can find just what you need. On accessible models the threshold is reinforced, and usually no higher than 1” high from the finished floor. The beveled profile allows wheelchairs and walkers to roll into the shower with very little effort.

Color Options

Most people like the crisp, clean look of a glossy white shower. The applied acrylic finish on our Freedom Showers and Pans create a brighter, glossier white finish then the standard gelcoat that most fiberglass units have. The tile pattern gives it a more modern look but is still easy to keep clean, as the lines aren’t too deep.

The default color of Freedom Showers and pans is white, of course, but for a customer looking for something a bit different, you can upgrade to a Bone (American Standard), Biscuit (Kohler) or a newly added Ice Gray (Kohler). These options can be helpful in matching existing pieces and giving your customers some options.

Wow Factor -Century Stone Colors

Freedom Shower pans (and 1-piece showers) have even more color options, including a Century Stone granite color upgrade providing the ultimate luxury look. Many customers have combined a Century stone color pan with a coordinated wall tile to create a gorgeous accessible shower that their neighbors will envy.




Cotton Seed



















For Customer that Like Tiled Showers

Combine our pre-leveled Freedom Showers Pans, with custom tiled walls to get the best of both worlds; an easier installation, and the designer bathroom look. Any remodeler who has tried to create a fully tiled shower knows that the floor of the shower is the most difficult part to get right, from creating the right slope, to hot-mopping and waterproofing the floor, and to create a level-entry, recessing into the sub-floor. This can be so time-consuming, messy and therefore more expensive for the customer.

If you can eliminate that part of the installation by using a Freedom Accessible Shower pan, and just finishing the walls with tile, you give your customer the luxury look they want without the highest price tag. You and your customer will be just as happy with the final result.

Combine Freedom Pan with custom tile

See other customer projects









Extra Wow Factory – Soap Niche Inserts

Add soap niche inserts in the custom tile walls for a modern finishing touch that provides storage space in the shower. Tile over the niches with a smaller tile for a high-end accent feature.







Smart and Beautiful – Shower Seats

Showers seats allow bathers a safe way to keep their independence if they struggle with balance or if they just need to rest while bathing. Luckily, we offer plenty of shower seat sizes and styles so they can get just what they want. Our quality shower seats are wall mounted and they can be folded up out of the way when not in use.  Wall mounted shower seats need to be installed properly to provide the listed weight capacity, which is different for each style of seat. Luckily, Freedom Showers have reinforcement in the walls already. Some people prefer a padded seat for the comfort factor, but many customers choose a more solid seat for durability and preference.

Wow Factory – Choose your Seat color

There are slatted phenolic seats in white or a teak look, but to add the Wow Factor for your customers, there are a number of designer looking seats available.

A customer favorite is the wood grain HDPE slatted seats with a brushed or polished stainless frame. They fold up flat, protruding less than 3” from the wall and are available in many colors including various wood grain looks.

Antique Mahogany Shower Bench

Antique Mahogany

Driftwood Gray Shower Bench

Driftwood Gray







Now Add the Jewelry – Grab Bars

Once the safer shower is installed, and the customer loves the look, adding hospital-type grab bars would take away from the look. However, safety bars have come a long way and there are more options, like a polished finish, or even power-coated bronze or black for a more stylish look. You can also offer wave grab bars or a crescent bar, for a nicer design feature.

Freedom Wave Grab Bars

Wave Grab Bars

polished crescent bar

Polished Crescent Bar











Wow Factor – Integrated Safety Bars

To really wow your customers though, it might be worth looking at multi-purpose, integrated safety bars for the whole bathroom. In the shower you can add a circular bar around the mixing valve, that just looks like a beautiful accent piece. Or add a corner shelf that also serves as a grab bar.

corner shelf with grab bar

Corner shelf with grab bar

valve accent bar

valve bar









For around the rest of the bathroom, there are unique ways to add safety without having to sacrifice the overall look and style of the room. For example, people have been instinctively grabbing a towel bar to balance or support themselves as they get in and out of the shower, but they are rarely constructed or installed with the intention of supporting that kind of weight.

Until now.

Add a beautiful piano curved grab bar with an integrated towel bar to any bathroom for added safety that doesn’t look like a safety bar at all. A similar product is the wave bar with a toilet roll holder to install beside the toilet. The multi-level support helps people stand up from sitting, and the toilet roll holder is a convenience feature that again makes it look like a designer feature.

Side of Toilet wave bar with toilet roll holder

Wave grab bar with toilet roll holder

curve grab bar with towel bar

curve grab bar with towel bar










Freedom Showers by Accessibility Professionals

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