Retirement is here, or just a few years away and you’re planning on your future. Home improvements are high on your list, especially the bathroom. Your health is pretty good now, so you’re thinking a simple bathroom remodel may be all that you’ll need. Or is it?

Everything’s good for now, but the future can bring a lot you’re not expecting. What happens if you need surgery on your back or knees in a few years? What if health conditions prevent you from getting around as easily? Maneuvering your bathroom will become difficult. While we hope you continue to be as healthy as you are for a long time, we don’t want you to have to spend more money remodeling your bathroom again to accommodate those unexpected curve balls life throws at you.

Planning a bathroom remodeling project should implement some features that could come in handy for the future when something unexpected happens. Let’s look at some products that you may need later on, but could still use now.

Walk-In Showers

People often replace or add showers to their bathroom remodel. If you plan to add one to your space, why not consider a walk-in shower? You don’t have to have a disabling condition to enjoy them. As people age, some of the tiniest things can tire you out easily. Lifting your legs to climb over a bathtub takes more effort than you realize. Should you need a knee surgery down the road, you’ll be glad you already have something in place to make showering easier for you.

We offer walk-in showers level to the floor. Someone, using a wheelchair, can roll into one of these showers and transfer to a bench with little to no help. Having one of these installed now, helps you avoid major construction in the future trying to outfit your bathroom to your needs.

Walk-in Bathtubs

Some people prefer soaking in a tub to showers, so you might add a walk-in bathtub to your bathroom renovation project. A standard tub works fine when you’re not plagued with many health issues, but as we mentioned earlier, life happens and things will arise unexpectedly. Imagine having to climb over the side of a tub with pain in your knees. The simple act of getting into your bathtub becomes risky and slips and falls can occur.

Our line of walk-in bathtubs allows you to step in with a minimal threshold. The walk in tubs enable you to sit down, but you don’t have to sit all the way to the floor as you do with standard tubs. Swing doors on the side allow you to enter and exit with ease and you don’t have to put more strain on your joints than necessary.

Grab bars

Did you know that the design of grab bars have come a long way? More stylish designer grab bars are available to add safety to your bathroom, without making your newly renovated bathroom look like a seniors bathroom. Read more here about the variety of grab bars available.

Grab bars are excellent tools that help provide stability and will make you feel more secure if they are stragically placed. You can install them anywhere in the bathroom that you need them the most. We suggest that every bathroom should have grab bars, especially at the entrance to a shower or bathtub. Even if you wait and have them installed in the future when you really need them, but you must make sure that the area you will place them is durable enough to withstand the pressure you give it.

Should you not want grab rails included in your bathroom remodel now, you can still prepare for the possibility of installing them. Plan out where you might need them and have the area reinforced so you’re good to go if the day comes when the installation is inevitable.

When planning a bathroom remodel, keep possible future health issues in mind. Install walk-in tubs or showers now so you don’t have to spend tons more money down the line redoing your bathroom to fit your needs. For more information or to get started selecting an accessible product now, contact us. We’ll help you choose the best product to suit your situation.