46" x 46" x 44" Bariatric Portable Shower

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46" x 46" x 44" Bariatric Portable Shower

In Stock
Model: APPB5000
Made in America

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Model: APPB5000
Made in America

In Stock
In Stock

Roll in Bariatric Portable Showers are our most spacious temporary shower models at 46" wide by 46" deep and 44" tall. The lower height provides care attendants more reach into the bariatric unit when assisting with bathing. This indoor portable shower stall offers a complete set up for barrier free bathing, and allows for larger wheelchairs and special requirements.

Remodeling a home for wheelchair accessibility isn't always affordable or possible due to home design and time constraints. These portable showers provide a dignified bathing option for wheelchair users, no home construction is needed. Temporary showers are easy to set up and don't require any tools. This unit folds flat to less than 8 inches in depth for convenient storage.

Portable Showers for Elderly Family Members Moving In

If an aging family member suddenly needs to move in with you, but they can't make it up the stairs to the shower or step over the tub, then a portable shower may be the solution. Attach the shower to any standard sink faucet, and the pump will drain the water down the same sink. It comes with15 feet of hoses so you can conveniently set up anywhere in the home that is within reach of a working faucet (longer hoses are available).


Portable Showers:

  • 46”w x 46”d x 44”h
  • This size is recommended for users 300-400 lbs.
  • White plastic privacy shower curtain
  • Front curtain attached to side
  • 15' long hoses (longer available)
  • Flexible rubber faucet attachments
  • Double layer drain pan
  • Custom designed diaphram wet/dry pump
  • GFI plug for pump
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  • Not suitable for full tilt back wheelchairs

Code Compliance:

  • UL Certified pump
  • UL Mark 20060724-06CA2025 on 4100-523


Click here for California Prop 65 Warning


Product Specification (PDF) 12/03/2018 148.16KB
Installation (PDF) 29/09/2020 2.3MB
Care and Cleaning (PDF) 27/04/2020 690.53KB


How the Portable Shower System Works

How the Portable Shower System Works

The animation of the Portable Shower system shows how the water enters the shower and gets pumped out into your existing sink.