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23" x 22¾" U-Shaped Shower Seat with Back & Arms, GRAY Pad

Model: APM4260P
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23" x 22¾" U-Shaped Shower Seat with Back & Arms, GRAY Pad

Model: APM4260P
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Support, Durability, and Comfort all in one Chair

A U-shaped shower commode chair is a valuable addition to any accessible shower. Sometimes a bench seat isn’t enough support in the shower, and so these chairs come with a back and arms. Installing our commode shower chair can make a world of difference for seniors and individuals with mobility disabilities, as well as their caregivers. Easy to install, shower chairs fold up against the wall when not in use.

Commode shower seats are made of a sturdy, stainless steel frame with a padded gray seat on top. The U-shape allows for more thorough cleaning, and makes it easier for caregiver assistance if required. These shower chairs come with two height adjustable legs that fold up with the seat. When properly installed, U-shaped shower chairs support up to 558 lbs. while the arms support up to 122 lbs. Bathers will feel safe and comfortable in these specially designed seats.

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