Being a caregiver is a huge responsibility that millions of Americans take on to look after a spouse, elderly parent or other family member. Depending on the level of caregiving needed, it can be difficult to take any time off.

Because caregiving can be overwhelming and lead to caregiver burnout (read about the symptoms here), you may want to consider getting some help. In-home caregiver services can make your life a little easier, and make it possible for your loved one to continue to live at home.

In-home caregivers can help your parents or other family member with the following:

Promote Well Being

  • Promoting Independence. They will help your loved one find ways to continue to live at home, while checking in to ensure safety.
  • Communication. Trained caregivers can communicate with all types of people, even those with speech impairments.
  • Challenging behaviors. Many seniors begin to develop strange habits and in home care workers can help them through difficult situations.

Promote Physical Health

  • Fall prevention. Care workers can help seniors learn how to prevent falls so that they can feel comfortable getting around.
  • Physical therapy. In-home care providers are trained in transferring patients who struggle to get around. They also study range of motion, so they can work on physical therapy to build strength and balance.
  • Posture and positioning. Correct posture and positioning is very important to maintain good body condition, as well as aid in digestion. Bad positioning can also lead to bed sores so caregivers are trained to help patients sit and walk around comfortably.

Daily Tasks

  • Nutrition. Many seniors struggle with good nutrition. Caregivers are often willing to help with grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking to ensure that they are eating well. They can also help feed seniors that struggle to feed themselves.
  • Cleanliness. Caregivers can help patients bathe and keep themselves clean. They also help patients who need help to go to the bathroom, while preserving dignity.  
  • Light housework. Housework can become challenging so many in-home care providers can do some light housekeeping.
  • Medication reminders. Taking medications can be a big part of our lives as we age. Too many people don’t take their medicines correctly (or at all). It is important that seniors take medications correctly every day and in-home service can help with that.

Find an in-home caregiver who provides the specific services that will help you the most.  Some caregivers may also be able to recommend home modifications that will make their homes safer, like adding grab bars in strategic places or when it’s time to replace the bathtub with a roll in shower. They can help you decide when it’s necessary to add a wheelchair porch lift to provide safe access to the home.

If you are a family caregiver, full or part time, and need help making sure your loved one gets the care they need, consider hiring an in home caregiver. Research services in your area and find out what types of services they can provide. They are well-trained and skilled to help patients continue to live at home, even when they need some assistance. While many people hire in home caregivers to come in daily, you can also find one that is willing to help as needed.

Getting help with caregiving is the best way to maintain your own health and well-being, while providing your loved one with the care they deserve. In fact, after hiring an in home caregiver, you may wonder why you waited so long.

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