Family caregivers are uncelebrated heroes. Taking care of a loved one with limited mobility means helping them access all areas of the house, sometimes putting themselves at risk of falls and back injuries. It’s not an easy job, yet they do it with so much love and dedication. According to a recent report by the AARP, there are an estimated 53 million US adults who are caregivers in 2020.

Family caregivers need all the help they can get to make things easier for them, and for the person, they are helping: Here are 6 products that will make their work considerably easy:

1.  Caregiver Doors

The Caregiver Doors are half-sized shower doors that go into a barrier-free shower, so the caregiver can assist from outside the shower, and stay relatively dry.


  1. Bi-fold swing doors – the caregiver doors open up to 180 degrees to make it easy for the aged person to get in and out of the shower.
  2. Built-in safety measures – these doors come with latch handles that the assisted person can hold on to in case of accidental falls.
  3. Seal in gasket – It’s located at the bottom and provides a tight barrier that prevents water from spilling out of the shower.

These doors not only help the caregiver stay dry but also provides the assisted person with some privacy.

2.  Bidet Seats

The Bidet seats help make the toilet more sanitary and dignified for both people.


  • Easy to use – you can simply install them on the existing toilet.
  • Wash and dry feature – the bidet seat has two wash modes; front and rear and also has an air dryer. This feature also eliminates the need to use toilet paper.
  • Hygienic system – this seat has an automatic self-sanitize feature that sterilizes the wash water.
  • Large remote control – this gives the aged person control of the settings and they can pick what they are most comfortable with e.g., heated seat, heated water. Etc.

The bidet seats are available in 2 models; one with an elongated design and the other with a round design.

3.  Roll-in Shower Commode Seats

The Roll-in Shower Commode Seats  reduce or eliminate heavy lifting and unsafe transferring into the shower.


  • Rolling ability – this makes it easy to transfer the aged person from the toilet to the shower.
  • Lightweight – they eliminate the bulky aspect of most shower seats.
  • Variety of options to pick from – there are more than ten different models to choose from.
  • Reclining feature – this eliminates the most challenging aspect of caregiving; transfers.

4.  Installed Shower Chairs

The installed shower chairs come with a back rest and arms for stability and comfort while in the shower.


  • Comfortable design – they are padded and have smooth edges to enable easy transfers.
  • Wall-mounted – mounted to the wall for a more secure shower seat.
  • Made of stainless steel – the seat is both strong and resistant to rust.

These chairs come in two colors; blue and gray, and are available in two different models.

5.  Grab Bars

The grab bars keep everyone safer and can be installed anywhere they’re needed.


  • Toilet and full height grab bars – the toilet grab bars can be installed on both sides of the toilet to provide extra help when getting up from the toilet. The full height grab bars provide supports for all transfers within the home.
  • Decorative features – you don’t have to compromise style for functionality as they come in sleek designs
  • Extensive collection – there are a variety of grab bars to choose from for your showers, bathtubs or toilets

Grab bars reduce the risk of slips and falls for the aged person while in the bathroom.

6.  Portable Showers

Temporary showers are a good solution for situations such as recovering from surgery, illness, or visiting family members where they may not have access to a full shower.


  • Easy setup – the portable showers come fully assembled and can be easily set up anywhere within close range of a sink.
  • Affordable – they are a great economic option for caregivers who are unable to remodel their shower or toilet to accommodate the needs of an aged person.
  • Commercial-grade pump – a drain hose is used to pump water from the portable shower into the sink. A suction cup clip is used to keep the hose securely attached to the sink and prevent leaks.

Portable showers are a great option for homes whose bathrooms may be inaccessible for an aged person.

Investing in one or all the above accessibility products is a great way to make things easier for family caregivers. Other than making their work easier, they also keep everyone safer and more comfortable. Also, getting these products is ABC easy; contact us for the best accessibility products. Visit us at to shop for any of the above products.